Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Eggs, Eggs, and More Eggs!

Surprise, Surprise! I decided to say hello and post some of my Easter decorations. This year I used my antique blown glass/milk glass egg collection for a dining room table centerpiece. 

I wanted the look of eggs spilling out of the basket...

I have collected these beauties for several years now, and have several different styles. Like this chick popping out of the egg...

Over on the tea cart are two more milk glass treasures. A chick coming out of egg on sleigh small covered dish, I use it for small candies. And the embossed plate with a chick coming out of the egg.

Speaking of chicks coming out of eggs, just look at this sweet little antique bisque match holder and striker that I bought at one of our sales the other day! These chicks have cracked out of their eggs and are ready for Easter dressed in their Sunday best. Check out the parasol handle, isn't it adorable?

And the back where the matches are kept...

On the Library table in the Parlor I have my basket of marble eggs I bought at Michael's Arts and Crafts back in the 90's...

and a Teena Flanner large paper mache bunny...

Over on the parlor table (and on the pier table) are more eggs...

and some hanging in a tree. Some are plastic, some decoupage and some real handpainted eggs, even small glass chick ornaments! Look closely for the white paper quilled cross.

below the tree is my Lamb of God vignette...

John 1:29 29The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and said, "Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!

All of these Easter decorations are symbols of new life. The new life that we have in Christ when we accept Him as the Son of God, our Lord and Savior!
Thanks so much for visiting! Happy first day of Spring and have a blessed Easter!

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Friday, July 21, 2017

Hello and Goodbye

Hello everyone! 

With the addition of trees, bushes, rocks, fencing, bird baths, feeders and birdhouses...

the birds have been coming...

and I am leaving.

I thought I would let you all know that I have decided not to blog anymore. I really appreciate those of you who have followed me over the years, read my posts and left such kind comments. I really appreciate you all and I treasure the many friendships that were formed through it all. I will still be visiting from time to time.
Wishing you all the best and may God bless you and yours! 
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Saturday, March 18, 2017

All the Way From England!

I really like Ebay, you can find and buy things that may have taken you years to find otherwise.
So the other day this big crate was delivered to my house! And boy was I excited! I had waited nearly 2 weeks!! 

I had hoped it would not get broken traveling all those miles. So here was the moment of truth. It was definitely packed well!

Have you guessed what it might be? Think Victorian! Oh boy, Oh boy!

Here it is! I am just thrilled with it! 

A great piece for my wanna be Victorian home. I took the dome off and cleaned it, I don't think it ever had been. Dirty dome, and I found a glass pin head that needed to be put back on a bird for it's eye. The little bun feet on the base of the dome had been removed at one time so I will be adding those back on.

For now I will keep it here on this parlor table next to the lamp and my recliner chair so I can see it really well! Won't even need to get out of my chair to see it :)

Because I am so fond of Victorian domes I bought the book, Under Glass by John Whitenight, off of Ebay quite some time ago.

Such a wonderful book. Check out the wonderful end papers.

So many great photos of so many domes. Not just bird domes either, you wouldn't believe some of the things the Victorian's put in domes.

Here is a shot of my bird domes, including my newest addition.

If you have been reading my blog for long you have already seen the poor bird dome below. The birds were not done correctly and so their feathers were coming off. You can't see it in this photo but a few of the birds are literally skeleton birds so I call it my Halloween dome! lol

And my sweet little hummingbird pair with nest dome...

and I even have bird domes for the doll's house...

even a stereoview of this really big dome, for the stereoscope. Look at how many birds are in that thing!

And then the domes that I made, before owning an antique one. Where there's a will there's a way. The one below is made of seashells.

And this one made with antique wax fruit...

a small wax St. Lucia figure, a doll's house clock in a dome and then there's Queen Victoria.

As always, thank you so much for your visits and comments. Have a blessed day and wonderful first day of Spring on Monday!

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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Old Fashioned Girls for St. Patrick's Week

Oh goodness, where has the time gone? St. Patrick's Day will be here this Friday! I quickly got to thinking about how to decorate for the week and here is what I came up with.

To create this vignette I opened up the bookcase in search for some green and gold books... 

after I pulled out these books and noticed that the top gold one was "An Old Fashioned Girl" by Louisa May Alcott, I knew what my vignette theme would be! Old fashioned girls!

So with that idea I quickly brought over my old fashioned Staffordshire girl figure... 

and where she goes, her beau is sure to follow! 
And another Old Fashioned Girl, with her dog, gracing this tin...

and two more Old Fashioned Girls from out of the postcard album...

And more postcards over on the Library table...

Over in the kitchen, I added a wee bit o' green right here...

and on the dining room table I brought out the gold rimmed Limoges plates and a smaller hand painted plate that reminds me of Ireland.

And for a quick centerpiece I brought out the brass candlesticks, gold candles, gold base for the crystal bowl, a green Moser glass piece with enamel and gilt...

and a few beautiful daffodils from the garden.

Thanks so much for your visit and have a blessed week!

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