Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter and Dollhouse Updates

Hello everyone,
I have been having so much fun with my dollhouse that I haven't been doing much blogging, or Easter decorating! So I finally did a little decorating on the dining room table

and some decorating in the dollhouse kitchens and dining rooms.  Below is my first dollhouse, the white 3 story one. Eggs are being dyed in the kitchen and notice the little bird nests on the plate, they are suppose to be fancy cookies and there's even a chocolate bunny next to that, and a bundle of carrots on the table for the Easter Bunny.

The dining room table is set with the Easter ham. Notice the Jesus picture hanging on the wall.

And below is the blue farmhouse kitchen ready for Easter, and they are having a ham dinner as well and hot homemade bread awaits them on the stove. Them? Uh oh, I don't even have a family for this house yet! ;-)
See the cute little Easter chicks in the flat wood crate next to the stove, they just hopped out of the basket and are ready to explore. The little green basket is a crocheted basket and quite cute but the handle doesn't stay up.

Around the corner in the parlor, tea is waiting for you on the tea cart, some blooming daffodils (paper quilled) and a  cute little metal chick coming out of an egg. A cookie tray is waiting below.

Since I've last posted I have been to a miniature show and to the miniature museum buying more goodies from their gift shop! So much fun! Here is what I bought.

My favorite is the little shadow box thingy on the bed on the left, it's like a Victorian flower wreath box. Since my farmhouse is a turn the century maritime (Prince Edward Island) house, I thought these wall pictures would be nice hanging somewhere in the house. The lighthouse picture is hand painted and and it now hangs in the Library. The ship picture doesn't have a place yet.

My next favorite thing is the Queen Victoria bust,  it is rather large for a miniature bust but I still found just the right place for her...

As for the beds, I found in one of my Victorian Homes magazines a feature on Victorian quilts, so I enlarged the quilt images and glued them to fabric backing and put them on the beds. I cut up a hanky to make the sheet and pillowcase on the bed below...

And here she sits in the pink bedroom. I wallpapered the room and added the fake window with a country cow pasture scene to try to break up the pink a bit. This room is still a work in progress.

Since that bed turned out so cute I got a little carried away and did the same thing to the boy's bed for the attic bedroom. This bedroom is still a work in progress too. Just can't find the right boy's bedroom wallpaper.

AND, in the Old Curiosity Shop I added a quilt to that bed and made that pillow case and I made the quilt rack and hung a quilt there too. See, I told you I got a little excited about this quilt making business! Don't you just love the stuffed peacock perched up on the shelf? I do, I found that guy at Michael's and was quite excited about it.

While making quilts and pillow cases and curtains for the pink bedroom's fake window, I also made some velvet curtains to hang in the parlor. (I know, I still haven't done anything with that black iron sofa and chairs and I know it looks dreadful but I will decide on something soon.)

I made more curtains out of another hanky for the master bedroom windows,

added brown panels to the shutters, started painting the porch gray,

and added lighting.

So now you know what I've been up to lately and why I haven't been blogging or decorating for Easter until now.
Thank you so much for visiting and may you have a joyous Easter. Praise God for that empty tomb and for His promises of eternal life.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dollhouse Room Decorating

Hello everyone, I know it has been a while since I shared with you how the dollhouse is coming along so I thought it was time to show what I've done (or not done)  to the rooms so far.
I finally moved it off the floor, added a board for its future yard, put it up on the desk and scoot it up against the wall for now.

Back at the beginning of March I went to the best garage sale EVER! It was St. Louis' Miniature Museum's annual garage sale! Oh it was wonderful! I got tons of stuff for a little bit of nothing. I laid it all out on the counter for you to get a little peek at...

As you can see, I got wallpapers, flooring, furniture and all kinds of great stuff. I really like the hall stand in the upper left hand corner (behind the chairs), isn't it cute?! Most of the bags were 50 cents to a dollar a bag! So exciting! I used a lot of it in the blue farmhouse and some on the 2nd floor of the Curiosity Shop. I'll show you the Curiosity shop real quick and then I'll get to the rooms. :)

If you want to see the first floor better, click here.

Okay, as for the house...we'll start out on the side porch with a little peek at the kitchen...

I just noticed that the door trim needs paint on the edges! I had not even noticed that before! You better believe I'll be down there painting that as soon as I'm off here! :)

Below is a straight on shot of the kitchen. I added the lace valances, made and put up the shelves, assembled the kitchen table and chairs from a Chrysnbon kit and added the wainscotting. I have two different fruit bowls on the table trying to decide which one I wanted to use for the centerpiece. The apples are a little off scale but I thought it added a cute touch being bigger.

It will be fun filling the shelves with just the right stuff!
I need your opinions on the door. Should I paint it blue to match the trim or leave it the wood color?

Notice the hanging kerosene lamp, I got it for one dollar and it was new in the package! Regular price $15!

I will be looking for just the right rug for under the table.

This middle room on the first floor was originally going to be the dining room but I decided in order to have an authentic farm house kitchen I needed to have the table and chairs in the kitchen and not in a dining room. So the Library got moved from the 2nd floor down to where the dining room would have been.
I will be replacing the wallpaper when I find "just the right paper". And the pretty vase on the floor will go on a stand when I find "just the right stand".

And then we have the parlor...

I added the wallpaper which I just love! And look at the portrait over the mantle, I got it at the sale in a bag of goodies for a dollar. It's an antique brooch! The brick fireplace will get moved up to the master bedroom as soon as I find "just the right mantle". The curtain is there temporarily, I will be adding deep red velvet drapes to the windows as soon as I get them finished.
As for the parlor set...I know it looks dreadful but I'm trying to find out if it is really antique and if it is do I still paint it or what? I could leave it as is and use it in a haunted house some day? Does anyone know anything about them?
In the photo below you can see the foyer. I added the tile (that I got from the garage sale), and there's that cute hall stand! And look at the matching corner chairs. Again the table is the black wrought iron that I should probably paint brown because I really like it there.

That's it for the first floor, now for the second floor. Above the kitchen is the girl's room. I made the curtains out of a vintage hankie. There's the youth brass bed that I got from the miniature garage sale. And the doll buggy too. I just got the dresser, desk and chair at a flea market here in town. I will be adding more stuff a little at a time.

We'll skip the middle room because it is empty at the moment (former Library) and move on to the master bedroom. I have shown you this room before and really have not changed it too much. The fireplace that is down in the parlor will go against the right hand wall as soon as I find a different one for the parlor. And I will be adding a sitting area when I find "just the right pieces" and replace the rug when I find "just the right rug". I have a lot of "just the right pieces" to find, don't I?

And now for the attic...
the room below is the boy's room, I just need some furniture for it, and wallpaper. Boys really only need toys anyway right? I got the rug for a dollar at the miniature sale.

The middle room is the sewing room...
I will need a rug to cover that seam in the flooring! And new wallpaper.

And to the right of the sewing room is a storage room. I will make it look like an unfinished room, no wallpaper here.

I want to make it look like my friend's room, which is the exact same farmhouse!
Here is her room, isn't it great?!

I'll leave you with a view of the whole thing...

Thank you so much for visiting and I hope I didn't bore you too much! Take care and have a wonderful weekend! I plan to, I am going to a Miniature Show in St. Louis on Saturday!

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Dollhouse Update

I've had a few blogger friends express their interest in seeing the progress of my dollhouse makeover. I usually don't like to show a project until I have it ALL done but this is going to take me a long time to find just the right stuff  and to decide what I want to do with the interior space. I want it to look like a late 1800 to early 1900 farm house. My inspiration is from the King Farm house and Rose Cottage from the Road to Avonlea series (a continuation of Anne of Green Gables) that aired on the Disney channel in the 1990's, it is a Canadian film. I have all 7 Seasons and my daughter and I watch them over and over. But anyway... back to the house!
Here is what I have done to it so far.
After some brightening up of the white trim, I added the gable brackets to all three gables, painted the shutters and a few rows of the fish scales beige and added a bay window.

Just in case you forgot what it looked like, here is the before photo. So as you can see, it isn't a lot different just a little different. I do plan on adding a base to it so I can buy some fun stuff for the yard.

 I added corner brackets to the porch.

I removed the lattice work from below the porch railing. Only this one side had been done that way anyway.
See the little washboard and soap laying by the door? I need to put it in a tub.

The glass in the windows had been broken out so I added the new glass (plastic actually) and did a little interior decorating.

On the inside I ripped out all the carpet and painted the ceilings white. I have decided to keep the wallpaper in these two rooms.

but I did remove the wallpaper in these other two rooms. And removed the stairs. Stairs can look nice but I feel like they take up too much room space so no stairs for this house. At least I don't think so.

Here is the house almost stripped bare with the stairs taken out...

and here it is with all hardwood floors and a little decorating. Still trying to decide what each room will be. I will divide the attic space into two spaces for sure, if not three.

So far my favorite room is the master bedroom. In the above photos this room is the one that had the duck wallpaper with green painted below the chair rail. I just love the new wallpaper, I think it gives the room a perfect Country Victorian look! The clock on the floor is waiting for a fireplace so it can grace its mantle. I'm not done with this room, there will still be more- a LOT more! :-)

This is the dresser that came with the house. I think it looks so good with the full tester bed.

This little room between the two bedrooms is the Library for now. Do farmhouses have Libraries? Hmmm....
But anyway, it will get new wallpaper. I assembled the little desk and chairs from a kit. Notice the cute little Yorkie under the chair. I guess Yorkie's aren't very "farmish" either are they? Hmmm...

For now I am using this bedroom as a sewing room/guest bedroom...

Downstairs is far from being completed but here is the kitchen. I made the little curtain rods and added the lace trim for the curtains. I do need to find a dry sink instead of that barrel. I really like the feel of a rocking chair in front of the fireplace but once I get more furniture for that room it may not work to keep it there, I'll just have to wait and see.

Pictured below is the parlor. I have big plans for it but I cannot find the right wallpaper. The parlor set is a set I bought at an antiques mall for $10, it is iron and looks to have some age to it but not sure how much. If I end up using it for this house I will paint it though.

The house is still right smack in the middle of the parlor but as you can see in the below photo, I did buy an antique desk to put it on once I get the house on its base with a turn table. I also will have to finish the desk, it had been stripped.

Well that is it for now. I will keep you updated on its progress as it goes. Thanks so much for stopping by and have a blessed day!

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