Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Eggs, Eggs, and More Eggs!

Surprise, Surprise! I decided to say hello and post some of my Easter decorations. This year I used my antique blown glass/milk glass egg collection for a dining room table centerpiece. 

I wanted the look of eggs spilling out of the basket...

I have collected these beauties for several years now, and have several different styles. Like this chick popping out of the egg...

Over on the tea cart are two more milk glass treasures. A chick coming out of egg on sleigh small covered dish, I use it for small candies. And the embossed plate with a chick coming out of the egg.

Speaking of chicks coming out of eggs, just look at this sweet little antique bisque match holder and striker that I bought at one of our sales the other day! These chicks have cracked out of their eggs and are ready for Easter dressed in their Sunday best. Check out the parasol handle, isn't it adorable?

And the back where the matches are kept...

On the Library table in the Parlor I have my basket of marble eggs I bought at Michael's Arts and Crafts back in the 90's...

and a Teena Flanner large paper mache bunny...

Over on the parlor table (and on the pier table) are more eggs...

and some hanging in a tree. Some are plastic, some decoupage and some real handpainted eggs, even small glass chick ornaments! Look closely for the white paper quilled cross.

below the tree is my Lamb of God vignette...

John 1:29 29The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and said, "Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!

All of these Easter decorations are symbols of new life. The new life that we have in Christ when we accept Him as the Son of God, our Lord and Savior!
Thanks so much for visiting! Happy first day of Spring and have a blessed Easter!

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  1. Pretty pretty things there! glad you posted them! I love the way you did the egg display with them spilling out, it looks great. My favorites are those pretty marble eggs tho---such pretty colors! Hope everything is going well for you!

  2. What clever way to display your Easter eggs spilling from the basket. I love the Lamb of God vignette and that what looks to be a goose egg with open doors.
    So glad you posted these pictures. I think the Lamb of God vignette is something I can put together with the girls. Happy Spring - Betsy
    I say spring but it's snowing like crazy here.

  3. WELCOME BACK .... OH, I do enjoying viewing collections ... What a lovely display of your eggs... so many different types .... Love that faberge type egg that opens with the angel in it . I’ve always been fond of easter egg trees ... of course those vintage chicks make me smile with their whimsical little poses and parasols... The lamb and cross is something the children don’t see much now-a-days... I think it’s so important to keep the theme going in their hearts... I have a lovely lamb and cross plaque over the door of our bedroom which my mother-in-law gifted to me... and I find little lambs so inspirational for Spring and the true meaning of Easter... WELL, we expecting another snow Storm ... so maybe Springtime will come bounding out by the end of the month .... ENJOY YOUR DAY !!!! ...HUGS

  4. Dear Gina: How lovely everything looks all pretty for Easter! I think your collection of real Victorian eggs is amazing. I don't think I ever saw any before seeing your's and Richards. So glad you are blogging again!

  5. Welcome back...I love the eggs spilling out of the basekt. Very clever of you! I am amazed I didn't know there were milk glass eggs! I have a large collection of milkglass and never knew. Lovely Easter decorations.

  6. Gina, just like the chicks popping out of the eggs; I am so glad you decided to pop back in and share a post! :) Your egg collection is absolutely gorgeous!! And, oh how I love that darling sheep in your last photo. Beautiful reminder of what Easter is all about!

  7. Oh I like all your milk glass eggs on your table falling out of the basket, cute arrangement.
    You always do it up big for the Holidays

  8. So glad to see your new post! What a .lovely Easter collection! I enjoyed all your pretties! Happy Easter to you!

  9. Hi there Gina, so glad you stopped by and thank you for your sweet comment. Oh my gosh yes!--so in love with Miss Bindie already. Hope your spring is coming along well? I love this time of year, mild weather and not blazing hot like the hot Charleston summers. I even like mild rainy days as long as they dont go on and on and on...........LOL

  10. Nice to see your post! I love milk glass and your eggs make a beautiful collection. Especially love the more meaningful lambs and Cherub egg. Charming! Happy Easter!

  11. I loved seeing all your antique glass eggs. I don't see them very often around here, so I've only got one so far. Hope we hear from every once in a while.

  12. Hi! I was searching the internet to find someone who might be interested in my 4 piece Victorian bedroom suit. We have enjoyed it for 40 years but I am interested in switching it out with something else. All four pieces are matching pieces! Bed, wash stand, nightstand, and dresser with mirror. All marble tops. Walnut. 910-840-6930 if you are interested or know someone who might be! --Karen

  13. Hi there Gina, so glad you stopped by! Glad you enjoyed the old plantation and oh my goodness YES!!!---I couldn't believe how many gorgeous AND OLD STATUES there were! I love statues and I was snapping picture after picture of beautiful and historic old statues to my heart's content. I just know you would love it there. Hope you are having a great summer!

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  15. Just thinking about you. Hope all is well!!

  16. Hi Gina, thank your for the prayers and the kind words! I also love that "I'll fly away" song. Hope your weekend is going great!

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