Sunday, November 11, 2012

Rose Chintz and More!

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in mid Missouri . A rosy kind of day actually. This delicate little rosebud is evidence of the warm November day and probably the last bloom I will get to enjoy from my garden until next Summer.

My mom came to visit today and we found ourselves going to an Antique Show. I saw lots of pretty things, but only purchased one little bitty thing. 

It will join the others until next Easter. I have several but this little guy sold itself because he was a nice smaller size (the size of a true chicken egg) and he was embossed on the egg. My other eggs this size are just smooth and then painted on. Click here to see these eggs displayed at Easter.

I didn't want to spend too much money because, well, I'm trying to stay focused on that next big piece of furniture that I am saving up for. I want a sideboard and I saw this one at a nursing home, so I took a photo of it so that I can keep looking at it to remind me to save that money! (This is not the one I would be buying, it is not for sale. Darn!)

By the time we left the show and had some lunch it was only 12:00 so we decided to take a little road trip across the river bridge into Jefferson City to take in some of their antique malls.
(postcard from my collection)

At the first mall I bought this $8 table scarf thing for my parlor table...

And the next mall, where I never find anything, is where I found the deal of the day! A 70 piece set of Johnson Brothers Rose Chintz China! I first saw this pattern on Sandi's blog and it was love at first sight! Click here to check out her wonderful blog. So anyway, but to the story! The set was $80 and I was thinking, wow, that's a good deal! But then my mom pointed out the 50% off sign!! So I got it all for $40! 
So we got it all packed up and brought it home.

Livy dog likes pink and gives it her approval and out of the box it came!

And that's when I noticed that the set has 6 different Johnson Bros. marks.

After a little research I only discovered two things...the pink mark is the oldest mark dating from 1930 -1950 and then the black mark with the bull is from 2003 - 2011. If any of you can fill me in on the other marks I would greatly appreciate it.

Below are the pieces that had the pink mark. The butter dish has the pink mark but no roses on the side of the mark.

Below are the pieces with this black mark...

These pieces have this black mark...

These pieces have this black mark...

These pieces have this mark (with the bull)...
And what I don't like about these teacups and mugs is that they don't have the rosebud on the inside like Sandi's cups do.

and then these two mugs have this blue mark...

So maybe that was why the set was only $40, huh? After careful consideration, I have decided that I will keep them and into the cabinet they will go! But I will be on the look out for that pink mark from now on!

See you next Spring Rose Chintz!

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  1. Oh my gosh!! Those rose chinz dishes are just beautiful, What a buy you made! I'm sure you will enjoy them for years to come.


  2. What a good deal! I'm never that lucky! Beautiful china pieces and beautiful cabinet!

  3. Gina,
    First off, I love the piece that you are saving for!! It is magnificent!!
    $40 for the Rose Chintz dishes is a steal no matter what the markings on the backs are!! It is a beautiful and versatile pattern and I am sure Sandi is drooling over it right now!!

  4. Ciao Gina anche in Italia è caldo,pure troppo per gustare l'atmosfera del Natale!Adoro i tuoi piatti con le rose ,hai fatto un buon affare!Baci,Rosetta

  5. Wow! You scored big time on those Rose Chintz dishes, Gina. What a great deal! They are so pretty. I collect eggs too...Christine

  6. Hi Dearest Gina!
    I'm so glad to be back! I've taken a bit of time to go back and catch up on all of your glorious posts that I have missed. Sigh,
    just fabulous! What a deal you got on the dishes, the pattern is just perfect for the spring, even Valentine's Day!
    The cabinet is amazing, can't wait to see it in your gorgeous home!


  7. I wouldn't care what marks those Rose Chintz dishes have they were a steel for $40.and will set a beautiful table also to have the salt & pepper shakers

    I have just a few pieces and soon as I get home I am going to check out which marks mine has. Blogs are so educational LOL

    I like to go to Jefferson City antiquing

  8. Wow, what a deal you got for that lovely china. I love the color and pattern. You paid an amazing price for such a gorgeous set.
    That sideboard is awesome. Wow, such details.....Great inspiration Gina. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.....Hugs, Linda

  9. Hi Gina,
    I am just stopping by to say Hello and I am surprised I didn't comment on this post. Of course, I am swooning over all your beautiful pieces! Most of mine are vintage and I don't know too much about the other marks other than what it says; micro-waveable and dishwasher safe. I have most of the pieces you found except my butter dish is round and I don't have the salt and peppers. My aunt still has the s/p which she plans to give me someday. I hope I have to wait a very long time for them because my aunt and I are very close and I don't want to lose her anytime soon. She is more like my mother than my mother. Hope you're enjoying this lovely season which is upon us.

    Christmas blessings,

  10. I have my Grandmothers 6 piece set with platter, oval & round bowls fruit & cereal mine has green markings on it... am thinking of selling the set...

  11. Nice find. Thanks for the back mark info. Now I know more about my G'Ma's set that has the pink back marks.
    Concerning the 2003-2011 back mark, I just read that those years the set was manufactured in China, not England. Just thought you might like to know.

  12. Researching Johnson Bros Rose Chintz and you came up. I bought 4 dinner plates this weekend for $5. I thought that was a good price. But you really scored. Mine are the everyday dishes with the blue mark. And since it says dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe I know their more recent. But my husband loves the print! He's a real romantic

  13. New commenter on an old post :) Hello and waving from Des Moines Iowa, where I've been collecting Rose Chintz for about five years. I recently purchased a coffee pot with lid in this pattern, and it has the pink backstamp with roses. Like you ( and many), I do try to collect the oldest pieces I can of any pattern and try to always get the ones actually made in the original country of manufacture. BUT, the pieces are beautiful no matter what the mark and I think you captured a great bargain! Hope you are still enjoying them!

  14. Although it is now 2018 I never saw this post before back in 2011. So glad we have become great friends. I really enjoyed this post!