Friday, April 6, 2012

He is Risen!

Happy GOOD FRIDAY! Wow, how did the saddest day on earth come to be known as a good day? It is good my friend because Jesus went to that cross out of love for us and to become that ultimate sacrifice for our sins. And, this year my birthday just so happens to fall on this day. :-)
EASTER! What a glorious day we have to celebrate our risen Savior! And what fun it is to decorate for that special day!
EGGS! How I love eggs! I have a weakness for eggs just like I do for chairs! At Easter the egg/chick  becomes a symbol of new birth/new life for the believer. My prayer is that you too, have found new life in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I want to start out by showing you a few of my favorite antique Easter postcards.
The first one is of the Trinity...God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit (the dove). I find this card interesting because it actually pictures God. (or at least that's who I think it's suppose to be?)
Please click on to any photo to enlarge it.

Look at the Easter bonnets on those chicks! Are those cute or what?!

Look at those darling little Victorian girls. I like the simplicity of the colored eggs. 

A basket of marble eggs.

The basket and the contents below are all Hallmark and I got them several years back when I was in High School and worked at a store that sold Hallmark. I like them so much that I have never sold them (like a lot of other things that I did sell from back then).

The eggs in the basket are all tin eggs that had candy in them once upon a time and because the tins were so cute I just had to keep them. The two eggs outside of the basket are reproduction victorian paper mache type eggs. They have a cute little pattern on the inside that looks old timey!

Here is my Easter egg tree. Since I had so many egg ornaments I needed something to hang them on! Some of the eggs are just plastic, some paper mache looking and some are real eggs that have been blown out and hand painted (they are my favorites). The crosses are Sunday School craft projects that my kids did when they were little. Very dear to me.

Here are my two very favorite eggs, they are both real eggs.  The eggs really aren't as big as they seem, it's that my hands are so small!

And now...I want to show you my dining room table antique Easter egg display. Many of you know Richard from My Old Historic House, well let me tell you, his amazing decorating ability really inspires me! When I first discovered his wonderful Blog and saw how he had used his antique glass eggs at Easter I knew that I had to copy it. I know, I am being a copy cat! At the time I only had 2 of those eggs and had them for quite some time but could not figure out what to do with them AND I even considered getting rid of them. So what I figured out from Richard's post was this...that 2 eggs aren't enough for anything! What I needed to do was BUY MORE! Yay! So over a period of several months I bought 10 more! Enough to make a very small version of Richard's grand version. So before I go on I want to show you the inspiration picture...You can see more and read more about these eggs at Richard's blog  on his April 24, 2011 post called "Easter Dinner and a Flood" and on his April 21, 2011 post called "Which comes first - the chicken or the egg?"
And if you think this display is great then check out his display of eggs that he just posted!!!! WOW!!!!!!!

This photo is last years and the one below this one is this years!!

This is Richard's display for this year!

You will see two different displays, the first on is the one I played around with at the beginning of the week (when the lilacs were in bloom! and before Richard gave us his nifty florist tips!) And before I added two more eggs and the candy.

The photos below are what it now looks like. Now remember, it's a small version of Richard's and I didn't have enough flowers blooming to cut enough without leaving my garden bare! Bummer, because I think I really need those flowers! I changed the color of the grass also, the lighter green seemed to match the wallpaper better. (the lighting made the grass look a little brighter then it really is though) So I don't know, which grass do you all like better? I debated on whether or not to use a table cloth and finally decided against it. I need to get some Spring/Easter colored placemats. I'll work on that for next year. And more eggs!! Richard, look what you started! ;-)

The back view, and now I'm seeing that I should have turned the two smaller bunnies facing this way so that there really wouldn't be a back side and besides this is the view from my side of the table! I don't want to be looking at the backs of those bunnies. Silly me...

The egg pictured below is my favorite one. It is the only one with a scene on it, the others only have flowers. Can you see the little yellow chick, the white bunny and the pink and the blue egg? The paint is pretty worn but I still love it. I am pretty picky with my eggs, if the paint is too worn off I won't buy them.

This egg is my second favorite because the paint is so nice.

I have several silver plated pieces, I like the one's with any kind of a figure on them. So this one might be an egg cup?

This one is a toothpick holder.

And this one is a napkin ring, it has the name Josie engraved on it and is dated 1899.

So there you go, that's it for my Easter posting! This Sunday let us celebrate that empty tomb and know that because of it we can have hope beyond the grave. Have a Happy Easter!!


  1. OMG, how darling. It looks wonderful. I love your eggs. I am so thrilled. Happy Easter my sweet friend. Richard from My Old Historic House

  2. Hi Gina: I agree with you about Richard. For some reason when I watch Bronson Pinchot's show on DIY Network, I think of Richard. Don't know why because I don't really "know" him, but I do. Your egg collection is beautiful and I love how you have decorated with them. I think you did Richard proud..Happy Easter to you and your family..Judy

  3. Happy Spring Gina! Your Easter decorations are gorgeous! I too love visiting Richard's Blog.. Have a great week!