Monday, November 26, 2012

Antique Pier Table

Oh! I am so excited! Last weekend I went to an Estate Tag Sale and bought this beautiful Pier Table. I had looked for one a couple of years ago to put in my foyer/front hall area but when I couldn't find one I settled with an antique hall stand instead. These tables are hard to find so when I saw there was one at this sale I knew I had to get it if the price was right. And guess what?! THE PRICE WAS RIGHT!! Yippee!
So here it is, I think the side view is so pretty. It is Empire style and dates back to 1840-60 or so, is my guess, if you know differently please let me know. These tables are often mistaken as being just a hall table but the mirror has a purpose. It was for the light. The low mirror reflected any available light and helped to illuminate a dark foyer or hallway. The mirror also reflected the pattern of the rug or tile and helped make the room appear larger.


Since I did not have room for it in the foyer area I decided to put it here. And here is why...I read in my "Collector's Guide to Victoriana" book by O. Henry Mace that a "pier" originally referred to the columns that supported the ends of an arch. In nineteenth-century architecture, the term was used to describe the part of a wall between two windows or other openings. Items intended for placement on that wall (pier tables, pier mirrors) were given the name as well. So I thought this spot would work. See the reflection of the rug in the mirror below.     

I didn't know what to put on the table and then I remembered that I had bought these two tea light lamps for my Titanic table setting and thought they might look good there. I wanted a pair of something, not just one and I like argand lamps with the hanging lusters and the frosted shades but do not have any so this is the closest to that as I could get to. So what do you think, do you like these on it or...

do you like this arrangement on it. They are the things that I had on the parlor table that used to be in this spot.

You know what happens when you buy another piece of furniture don't you? Everything has to be moved around and a little bit of redecorating has to be done! And sometimes you think, why did I even buy that? Well I wasn't thinking that this time because I love this beauty!!!
So anyway...the parlor table that was there got moved here with almost the same stuff on it.

And the table that was in that spot got moved over here...

And the table that was there got moved upstairs to this spot...

And this table that was there had to go! Off to the auction house it went and will be sold on Dec. 8th. It was my least favorite table. The marble didn't really go to it, I just found it later at an auction. It's a little big for the table and is stained so it will be sold separately. The wood top on the table is pretty though, so it should sell well without the marble.
You know how I was saving my money for that sideboard, well I spent it all!!! selling the above table and a few other things and from selling the lamp pictured below I will have more money then I had before I bought the pier table!!! How lucky is that?!

Because I had to redecorate a little bit I had this wondering velvet table scarf with no place to go so it went here on the piano for now. Doesn't look too bad.

AND, I had these two seashell art boxes that needed a new place to go. The round one got booted out of the parlor and the dresser looking box got booted off my dresser when I bought that dresser tray. So, I thought and I thought, and decided to put them in my seashell bathroom! Imagine that?! And with all the inspiration I get from looking at other blogger's beautiful vintage linens and how they display them so nicely, I decided to add some to this, what was once boring, cabinet. So here it is...

and up close...

I'll still need to add some more pretty lacy and tatted hand towels though.

While out flea marketing the other day I found this gorgeous antique Moser glass vase! And it was only $12!! I couldn't believe it!!

And I got these dainty looking hankies with the nice embroidery. I like the white butterfly one the best. They are housed in my bathroom cabinet on the top shelf in the shaving mugs for now.

I also got this little souvenir pitcher. It is not antique or Victorian by any means but I liked it for $2. I have been to Hannibal, home of Mark Twain, so many times that its not even funny! But I do love going there. Victorian's liked to collect souvenirs to set around in their parlors, they were good conversation pieces. So you know me...if Victorian's had them then I had better have some too!

Well that is all for today. Thank you so much for your visit and I do hope you will leave me a comment! Have a great week!


  1. Oh Gina..I loved seeing all your Victorian pretties..That table is just awesome girl..I have never seen one before..I would have jumped on it also..Your home is beautiful my friend..I adore Victorian decor and have lived with it for years..I Just love it all..Thanks for the GREAT and fun visit and sharing..I have a daughter named Gina..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  2. Gina, what a beautiful home you have created! I love the tour of the tables you moved around. But honey, I just LOVE the new pier table you bought! Loved the mug from Hannibal and all the other pretty things in your blog! Thank you for posting! You made my morning today!

  3. Hello Gina,
    That's a beauty! Congratulations! Your other finds are gorgeous as well. You have a great eye.

  4. Hi Gina -
    I love the antiques!
    I have a question -
    I have a table very similar to the two below this line:
    "And the table that was there got moved upstairs to this spot..."
    What can you tell me about them, if you don't mind.
    I appreciate it - - thanks!

  5. Love your new gorgeous table! You have some really wonderful pieces. Can you have too many side tables? Well, I guess you can! I just love trading up!

  6. What a find, love it. I need to do as you do and get rid of some of my least favorite things before bringing something else in.
    I love your furnishings. Every thing in your home looks so nice.
    I will be going over it again. I to get ideas from blogland and seeing how others decorate and put things together as you have in such a pleasing way.
    That Moser glass vase is beautiful!

  7. Hi Gina,
    You lucky girl! cvgfv I've always wanted one of those as well. We have one in my local antique shop, but w-a-y out of my price range. Yours is simply gorgeous! I love all your re-arranging efforts, just perfect. The two lamps are a cleaner look, but I like the former tablescape, ... you know how us Victorians love our stuff!
    Great finds as always. Have a fabulous week.

  8. Hi Gina, You are so good at these estate sales. That piece is fabulous....It looks perfect where you placed it. Love it! XO Linda

  9. Gina your new (old) pier table is gorgeous! What a great find! I had one a while back but sold it....And I still miss it. It looks perfect where you've placed it. Everything else looks really beautiful too. A Victorian lovers dream! *winks* Vanna

  10. You really lucked out, Gina. That is one stunning piece! I see them in antebellum houses here. You have beautiful furniture!...Christine

  11. lovely interiors and items! soo stylish!

  12. Hi Gina!
    Girl I have those same Hollywood lights in one of my other bathrooms so that redo will be coming up too! *winks*
    I wanna see your Kathryn Rose! And yes most of my house does have tall sloped ceilings. They're wonderful to have in some ways, but very difficult to deal with in others. One side of the room is 14' and the other is 6"...It's a little odd *winks* I just pretend I'm living in a garret in Paris! I can't wait to see what you do with your bathroom. I'm still looking for the perfect lighting.....Vanna

  13. Great table Gina! I like that flame mahogany. I think you're about right on the date. Great job moving stuff around as well. We all know what that's like...

    You'll have to come by and see our Horner bed...our big Christmas present!

  14. Thank you for posting pictures of that pier table. I just might try and make a copy in miniature!
    I found your blog via Eastlake Victorian and it is a delight.


  15. One of the nice information about the Antique Pier Table.Can you tell me the price of that table.

    1. Bob, we purchased an antique pier table in Lebanon, Indiana, last week. We paid $500 for it at Pizazz Antiques. It looks great in our entry hall. It is very similar to Gina's.