Saturday, June 25, 2016

Stars, Stripes, Feathers and Lace!

Hello everyone! I had the day off so had some time to do a Fourth of July post. I tried to make it different from last year, and I could do so because I have several new Estate Sale finds that I incorporated into it.

I created a tablescape here in the dining room rather then in the living room, so here is what I came up with. Pretty simple really, but I didn't want to put a lot of time into it. So, using an estate sale find lace cloth over a red cloth to set the stage...

for the centerpiece, 

which is also an estate sale find...

I used this beautiful glass compote nestled inside a heart shaped feather wreath and some stars and stripes for a little patriotic touch. And set the table with Staffordshire Ironstone Liberty Blue plates. 
The compote is really unique because of the 3 faces on the pedestal 

and on the lid. The piece dates to around 1890 to 1900.

I don't have any new Liberty Blue pieces for this year

but I did get this sweet little 8" plate since then. It is called "Cape Cod" by Wood's Burslem, England. I recently got the silhouette lady and thought she looked good centered on the plate.

The Cape Cod pattern looks good with the Liberty Blue pattern.

Speaking of blue, I got these two blue and white ironstone pitchers and are perfect for the 4th.

The spatterware pitcher I got from my great Aunt and had been in the family for quite some time. And the other one is my favorite... breaks, repairs and all!

And because I have it's story! I got it from my neighbor's mother's house and she had lots of things that had been in her family for YEARS!

This was written on paper and kept in the pitcher, and there it will stay. Here is what it says...

The pitcher of a full dinner set bought in New Orleans about 1840 by grandfather Stephens. This set and also a full set with a brown design he bought with money from 4 dozen chickens. Grandmother Stephens sent with him when he took a load of grain from Attica, Indiana on a "flat boat" to New Orleans. The chickens sold for $25. a dozen and she had said "getter china dishes" with the money he invested all of it. This was the first china they had used and prior to this time they had used pewter-ware. Chickens were very cheap in Indiana but she thought they would bring enough for a few china plates and cups and saucers.

Isn't that neat, I just love it!

Over on the stepback cupboard is my collection of antique 4th of July postcards

and "fireworks looking" arrangements in vases.

I have shown you all of these cards in the past

but not this cute little gal, I just got her this past year.

And I don't believe I have shown you this Scott's Emulsion tradecard either.

I'll end this post by sharing with you a few "Fourth of July" images from yesteryear with you from this neat book that I found last year. 
Published in 1975.

(The below ladies "starred" in a  special Fourth of July ball game at Black River Falls, Wisconsin.)

To my American friends, here's wishing you a glorious Fourth of July! And as always, thank you all so very much for visiting.

Thank you also to Jillian over at LET'S TALK VINTAGE for featuring my garden and front porch post.

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  1. Dear Gina:
    What a wonderful tribute table to the 4th of July! It looks so pretty and I loved the postcard display. The skirts the ladies are wearing are so fun! I totally enjoyed this!

  2. Gosh, July four is almost here. This year is just slipping by. Lovely table settings and the postcards are so neat to see. Beautiful old pitchers, I always want to purchase pitchers like the ones you have when I see them if they are not too expensive. Happy Sunday - Betsy

  3. Gina,
    Love all the decorations especially the vintage post cards!!
    My former blog, Debbie-Dabble was hacked through my Face Book Debbie-Dabble Page. I created a new blog, Debbie-Dabble Blog and I invite you to please follow me on my new blog.


  4. I love it when a piece has such a great history, how fortunate you have that! I am envious of your beautiful postcards! I have a large collection, but no 4th of July ones, amazing. Happy 4th

  5. Wonderful! I love your compote...those are difficult to find, and the pitcher is wonderful! Especially with the history...that makes all the more special! And of course I love all the postcards! Have a wonderful week!

  6. What a great post, Gina! I love your blue and white dishes and I LOVE your spatterware pitcher with the story. I adore treasures that have stories like that behind them. Have a wonderful and Happy July 4th weekend, my friend, and thank you for linking up with me.


  7. Beautiful patriotic decor, Gina. Love the blue and white pieces!....Christine

  8. Beautiful Gina! That compote is so cool, with the faces. I've never seen any like that. And I love vintage postcards. I'm going to try and set up my July 4 tree in the next couple days. Thanks for the inspiration. xo Deborah

  9. What a beautiful setting, Gina. I love the compote, and what a cool story about the china! I just love that people took the time to record the history of these special pieces. . .makes one feel a true connection to the past. Happy 4th of July!

  10. You're all set for Independence Day! Thank you for sharing your fun patriotic decor!

  11. GINA
    You always go all out for holidays and this is no exception. Working for the estates sale company you find so many treasures.
    You said you had me something I bet it's the 2 blue ad white pitchers ? haha I'm only wishing
    Love you amazing sweet 4th July postcards.
    I would love to look through the book Hometown USA
    hope to see you soon

  12. I love all the history you collect on your special pieces. Everything is so festive!

  13. Hi Gina. I almost missed your kind comments to me again, but I happened to go back because someone had a no-reply address so I had to thank them on the blog, and I saw your comment. I still don't understand why your comments don't come through my in-box?? They used to. And I just forget to check back on the blog because everyone else I get that way?? I didn't see anything on your blog where I could sign up to receive your posts by e-mail. That would really make it easy or at least I can understand that. I don't understand much. Anyway, your home looks beautiful as ever all decorated for the 4th. It is the perfect place for holiday colors. Yes, my light is old. It had been electrified when we bought it years ago but it was orginally kerosene, and has a lever to raise and lower it so that the lady of the house could reach it to fill or light it..Happy 4th..Judy

  14. Hi Gina, oh I just love your 4th of July post! It warms my heart. You have such a lovely touch and decorate everything in such a special way. Happy 4th!

  15. Gina, love your new estate sale finds! Both pitchers are beautiful, but that story is fabulous!! I love your postcard collection and seeing your blueware reminds me that I found a couple plates that I haven't pulled out. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  16. Gina, I have a Liberty Blue set too and I love them paired with your Cape Cod collection. Thank you for sharing your pretty patriotic tablescape at Vintage Charm. Pinned!

  17. Lovely, Gina! I hope you had a happy 4th.

  18. Oh my Gina! What a great story with that pitcher! My G Grandfather used to buy goods from a boat at the local river. It was like a hardware store boat. I have some of the dishes they purchased from it! This reminds me of that story. Hope you had a lovely 4th!

  19. howdy there Gina, so glad to see you had stopped by! Your festive dining room looks so pretty all decked out in the red/white/blue---you do such a great job. I love those old fashioned postcards too.

  20. Your 4th tablescape is so pretty and your dishes gorgeous. I love that picture and what great history associated with it. Love the vintage postcards too!

  21. Very festive! The compote dish is fabulous! I recently found an ironstone pitcher that someone wrote on the bottom where it was found. It makes it all the more special and a keeper!

  22. That tablescape is really gorgeous ♥

  23. yep it that was my porch I would have a nice big ladies porch out there! Its not tho!---ours is much smaller! I've been trying to find that book on your post(Hometown USA)....and had not luck at all. Sigh...

  24. Wow, where do I begin? The compote is an amazing find!!!! Love the antique china creamer with the history behind it too... And your patriotic postcards.... so delightful!

  25. Hope everything is well, you haven't posted for a while. Miss seeing your posts.