Saturday, June 11, 2016

A Room with a (Garden) View

Hello everyone! I have been really busy and missing you all. I have some time to do a quick post to let you know what I have been doing, besides working the estate sales that is. Bernideen kinda rubbed off on me, and you'll know what I mean if you have seen her backyard lately! That lady is one garden digging lady I'll tell you! Her gardens look amazing and she has inspired me, and I think her neighbors too, to expand our flower beds! Her gardens are even more beautiful in person!

So anyway she came over and gave me some suggestions. I have finished digging for now and it looks so much prettier, especially from my kitchen window.

Here is what it looks like when you step out the door onto the back patio.
The bricks with just one row of flowers I did when we first bought the house over 10 years ago. So it was time for a change.

These are the Hollyhocks I see from my kitchen window...

I bought all of these faux garden stones at a sale for $3, and the birdbath for $20.

I saw this fun looking terracotta fish at the Grocery Store and thought it would look nice in the birdbath. It's a very deep birdbath so I had to add the bricks, I didn't think the birdies would want to go diving!

Check out my Easter Lilies in June! Aren't they pretty?
Okay, I know you are wondering why I have a fence around my flower bed right?

Well it is because of the naughty little rabbits like Peter...

that just will not stay out! So what's a gardener to do but put up a fence?
I got the Wedgewood plate at a sale for $4. And the watering can for $5. 

I even got the fencing at a sale. Ignore the fact that it is for dogs! Working sales really comes in handy! :)

I got this wrought iron candle lantern at a sale for $6, 

and even the shepherd's hook, for $5.

Can you spot my sweet little wren on the shepherd's hook?  hint, 2nd window

There it is! Sweet little thing!

Waiting for that perfect "catch" to take back to the babies in their birdhouse...

I also expanded my garden back against the fence where I have some wrought iron chairs. 

I added this pretty blue hydrangea

and hung a few birdhouses that I have bought from estate sales.

And this cute little bird church, missing its cross, was just too cute to leave behind. I have it hanging over in a different bed. 

And around front, where the foxgloves are in bloom,

and the flags are hung for Flag Day,

the wicker chair is beckoning me to come sit and relax for a while, enjoy a glass of lemonade...

and catch up on my latest Victorian Trading Company catalog...

where, with a cover like that, my mind may wander back to yesteryear and a stroll along the seashore with parasol in hand, and seashells too, and a mermaid legend or two running through my mind.

Have a wonderful week and thanks so much for visiting!

Thank you to Sandi at NO PLACE LIKE HOME for featuring my Lily of the Valley Teacup for May.
And to Jillian at LET'S TALK VINTAGE for featuring my Lily of the Valley Victorian calling cards.
And to Cecilia at VINTAGE CHARM

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  1. Howdy Gina-thanks for stopping by! Yep the garden was awful quiet and private but the lady did invite us in...its part of that little art gallery. We sure did enjoy it and it would he a great place for lunch. She said they have wine tastings there pretty often. What are you up to this weekend? Yay!!!----its summer! Now im off to go read your last post --you always have something interesting!

  2. Oh my gosh, Gina! It's all beautiful. I LOVE the Hollyhocks. Had some for a few years, but this year, they did not come up. Very pretty!

  3. Hi Gina- I love what you have done to the yard. I love your Hollyhocks, if I ever get to move back to the Midwest that is one of the first things I will plant. You sure have gotten a lots of good buys at sales! I think you have my dream job!
    Good to hear from you.

    1. Hi Michelle,
      Thanks so much for visiting, it's good to hear from you too. Be sure and let me know when you start a blog. The dark pink hollyhocks are from the seeds of my dear grandma's plants, so they are special.
      Have a great weekend,

  4. Everything is lovely! I just love the fish in the birdbath and the wrought iron lantern! I must find a Victorian Trading Co. catalog to go through. Looks wonderful!

  5. Dear Gina:
    I am laughing as I see all the birdhouses hanging. They look wonderful and your new "features" are all so lovely. Isn't it amazing how we ALL enfluence each other? Your garden looks lovely and I am going to hang my little suet cage today (that I got at your yard sale) and also love my pot I got! How sweet that you mentioned me in your fun post.

  6. Looking out of your kitchen window and seeing hollyhacks takes me back. Love that peaceful view.
    Grew up with them profusely blooming in moms garden. I cannot get even one to grow for me.
    Your garden is so beautiful! So glad you could post today and good you have a neighbor to share gardening with.
    The fence is a wonderful idea! Gotta do something to keep the critters out.
    Happy Sunday

  7. Very nice. I just love hollyhocks and foxgloves!

  8. Oh my goodness I love your garden. I like your idea of putting the fence around it to keep out the little rabbits. Have a lovely week! Visiting from Amaze Me Monday.
    Julie @ Love My Simple Home

  9. Beautiful! And where did you find a watering can for 5.00? Good deal!

  10. Hi Gina,
    Oh my! Bernideen is a good influence on us all! Love your garden transformation and what fun to be so close to such a sweet friend (for both of you). I wish I was closer to you too! Everything looks so pretty and I think we have the same white ironstone furniture and wicker pieces. We do like the same thing! Have a Wonderful Week! Karen

  11. Hi Gena, your gardens are beautiful and I love all the garden accessories that you have! I love your hollyhocks! Just this morning I was walking around my yard and was so disapointed to see the deer ate just about all of my hollyhock buds! We have bunnies too, but haven't been too distructive so far! Oh well could be worse! Have a wonderful week!

  12. Love your beautiful yard. Everything looks perfect. Have a great day. Blessings, Martha

  13. Your back yard looks great with all your added work.
    Love that lantern you have hanging.
    also the hollyhocks and foxgloves. I need to get more things planted that bloom early in my yard
    I also like your front porch setting with the victorian trading company magazine
    Your house and yard are so lovely and you work so hard to make it a beautiful home for your sweet family and Lacey
    Hope to see you soon

  14. Your garden looks great, Gina! Bernideen has gotten me hooked on birdhouses so I really enjoyed seeing your lovely collection.

  15. Hi Gina,
    I love your garden! Your Easter lilies are just gorgeous! All the bird houses and rocks and other things make me want to take a stroll through there. Bernideen is a good influence in many ways as well as a good friend. You are blessed to have her living so close. Thank you for sharing and enjoy your summer.


  16. Gina, your garden is just beautiful and your porch! Peter Rabbit is one of my faves--pinning! Thank you for sharing @Vintage Charm!

  17. Gina, the garden is looking lovely with the flowers and all your treasures. I have that same Wedgewood plate and a few more pieces from the Peter Rabbit line, I love them!

  18. Wow Gina...your garden looks so pretty. I am having a hard time gardening this year...the weather hasn't been cooperating and lots of family issues that really make me sad. Just not into the garden this year...sigh.
    Love looking at your work.

  19. Beautiful! Giving you a feature today for LTV... thanks for linking up!

  20. You have such a beautiful oasis in your backyard. Everything is such tidy and lush. I wish we could grow Hollyhocks. I just love them so. Although we spent a ton of time getting the yard looking decent for our daughter's graduation open house, the vegetable gardens haven't been planted at all. I'm hoping life will slow down and I can consistently post and visit blogs again.

  21. Oh, what a beautiful garden!

    Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  22. Those hollyhocks are amazing! That's one plant I've never planted even as old fashioned and wonderful as they are. I love that you've surrounded your garden with a little fence to keep the bunnies out. We do what we have to do....right? :)

    So glad you joined us for the garden party today. I'm just loving all of the inspiration.

  23. Oh Gina, Bernideens garden is gorgeous for sure! She would certainly rub off on anyone. :) Loved her Colorado garden and her new one is just as gorgeous! Love what you have done. It will be simply beautiful when the plants mature a little. What a bargain on your plate and watering can. My gardens have become so full that some flowers are now becoming lost, like my Hollyhocks. Thinking I might do a major purge next spring. Thanks for sharing with the garden party.

  24. Oh how I love hollyhocks, birdhouses, and the view from that window!
    What a beautiful and blessed sight this is.
    So lovley to have you share this inspiration with us at the Garden party!

  25. What a charming yard. I adore your fountain. Your post was truly like a lovely rose.Thank you for linking up to the garden party.

  26. We help our calves get comfortable with the loading pen by putting their feed trough inside it and leaving one end open. wrought iron gates

  27. Your garden has really come a long way Gina and so glad you now have that privacy fence so you could take down that chicken wire stuff!!!! Next year for 2019 it will be really even more gorgeous!