Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter Eggs on Parade

Easter, what a glorious time to celebrate our risen Savior! And what fun it is to decorate for that special day!
I have a thing for eggs, especially pretty eggs, so when Easter "rolls" around I get really happy because it is time to bring out the eggs!
Below is my collection of Victorian blown glass eggs, 1890-1900 or so. I took these photos outside on a warm day a couple of weeks ago...

and good thing I did because this is what it looks like out my window now! The snow just happened to fall on Palm Sunday, imagine that!  Not exactly the kind of weather I like leading up to Easter, but with the higher temps in the forecast for later this week I'm sure it will be gone by Easter Sunday.

So with the one nice day we had my camera and I had a blast!

I even got my little concrete lamb in on all the fun! This lamb belonged to a very dear elderly friend of mine so when she sold her home to move into an assisted living place I got him. (because I used to weed and tend to her flower beds where this little guy stayed).  The egg pictured in this photo is my favorite because of the scene painted on it, the others just have flowers painted on them. This one has a painted on little chick and a white bunny with eggs.

The four eggs below are the only embossed ones out of the collection. The yellow thing is a chick, isn't it cute? I think it's my second favorite.

The little blue basket, eggs and chick are all Hallmark from around 1986 or so.

Below are some tin candy containers that my kids get in their baskets every year and have since they were little...

and then there are these reproduction Victorian paper mache type candy containers. The cross is one my daughter made in Sunday School class when she was 5, it has a cute little styrofoam grass looking mound base with flowers glued on it that you can hardly see.

Now the Easter Egg parade will move inside on the dining room table in and around my satin glass bride's bowl/basket and will stay there through Easter...

and joining the eggs are these cute little silver plated chicks, the first one is a napkin ring. It has "Josie - 1899" engraved on it.

and then here's an egg holder. Both are attached to a wishbone.

In the living room you'll find more eggs, these are marble eggs in a basket on a pansy doily that my grandma made many years ago.

And then there's the Easter tree with plastic, decoupaged and real eggs...

placed on another doily that my grandma made and it has these cool daffodils around it!

That is it for my eggs BUT you know me, we couldn't possibly get through a post without seeing some of my tradecards and postcards. *winks*
I think this card is incredibly cute, it is a tailors card and it says "Order your Easter suit!" How cute is that?!
Look at the girl chick's hat she has a black bird wing on it!

The below postcard is really a neat one because of the peacock. Have you noticed that everything pictured in this post symbolizes something for Easter? The chick is a symbol of new life, like the egg, which is the chicken-to-be.The bunny is also a symbol of new life because of ALL the babies they have! The Easter Lily and daffodil grow from a bulb which stands for the tomb of Jesus, the blossom for his life after death. The cross symbolizing Jesus' victory over death. And as for the peacock, with its beautiful fan of green and blue feathers, becomes a new bird each Spring. Shedding its old feathers, it parades majestically in brilliant new ones.

And for me, the most important symbol of Easter is the lamb. Symbolizing Jesus, the Lamb of God and he also represents the Good Shepherd with mankind as his flock. Many pictures show Jesus with a shepherd's hook, carrying a little lamb just like the postcard below.

This Sunday let us celebrate that empty tomb and know that because of it we can have hope and new life beyond the grave. Have a Blessed Easter!!

I am joining these wonderful parties this week, I hope you will come see...
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  1. Hi Gina. I love your eggs. They are all so pretty and you arrange them so elegantly. The lamb is really a great piece. I bet your little friend is very happy that you have him..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  2. Looks like someones collection I know.Love them.Richard from My Old Historic House

  3. Gina,
    Thank you for visiting me and for your lovely comments.
    I LOVE your collection of eggs! I especially love the vintage eggs.
    Love the Easter tree! Toooooo sweet!
    Happy Easter!
    Will visit again soon.

  4. You know I like your glass eggs? I only have 2 and was thrilled when I found them at one of Betty's estate sale, out in the garage where less expensive items usually are at her sales.
    I had never seen them till Richard at My Old Historic House posted them on his blog once

    The snow has been fun, but we are all ready to clean up the flower beds for spring, Oh before I forget I really like the post card with the peacock on it.
    I haven't been out for the hunt since November, but I think I'm ready to hit the next estate sale, hope to see you there

  5. Easter Blessings to you, my friend.

    Lovely display of eggs. The bunny is charming on the tin candy containers -- probably was inspired by some Victorian artwork!


  6. Hello Gina
    Thank you for your comment today on my Blog. Your hand painted eggs are so pretty and the vintage postcards are great too. Happy Easter!


  7. Thank you for the wonderful early Easter parade. I hope to get out my stuff tomorrow (a day off work). I collect those marble eggs too but don't have nearly as many.

    I love egg trees and have one myself, can't wait to get it up.
    Easter is a wonderful time of year and the Victorians did it so well - at least in their pictures.

    Lovely photos as ever....

  8. Your eggs are truly beautiful, Gina. Great collection. I cannot believe it is still snowing there...Christine

  9. Hi Gina,
    Your eggs are beautiful, and I like the one with the chick and bunny too although I love the marble eggs too. How lovely to have your grandmother's doilies. Thanks for spreading the Good News of our risen Saviour. It's all about him!
    Thank you for sharing this at my HOME and Happy Easter to you and your family.


  10. You have decorated so pretty for Easter with such pretty eggs and cards. I love the little lamb and the nice story behind it.
    Happy Easter

  11. Happy Easter to you and yours! What a beautiful collection of eggs! Love those reproduction Victorian paper mache containers, so lovely!

  12. Gina,

    All of your Easter decor is so charming!! Love all those eggs but I really love the picture of your stained glass window with the snow falling outside!!
    Thanks so much for your visit and kind words!!

    I hope you had a lovely Easter!!


  13. Happy Easter! I just discovered your blog and love it! You might like my post about Easter as well, as I have been trying to research a bit. Keep up the good work!



  14. Wow! I've never seen so many Victorian blown glass eggs in one place. You have a wonderful collection. :-)

  15. What a lovely and touching post. Blessings to you and your family also... Thank you for stopping by and leaving your lovely and kind words. They are appreciated.


  16. These are such lovely picture you have shared. I love your egg collection. And the card of our risen savior is beautiful. Happy Easter.

  17. Gina, you have an amazing collection of eggs! Each one is so sweet. Love the one with the scene! I have been looking for a concrete lamb to go in my garden. Haven't found one yet, but oh what a joyous day it will be when I do! Always love your postcards! Happy Easter and thanks for sharing with SYC.