Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Flea Market Finds!

During Spring Break I went to some flea markets/antique malls and bought a few things and I wanted to share them with you. A few of the things I'm showing I bought within the last couple of months. This is going to be a long one, with lots of photos because I got lots of cool stuff! *winks* I'm going to save my favorite (and weirdest) find for last! So here we go!

I bought this little group of items at the same mall, different booths, so when I sat them on the counter to pay I realized that they all looked good together. So Springy looking with the pastel yellow and pastel blue needle work on the towels and the blue paint on the Easter egg (yes, another egg!) and a little touch of shine coming from the silver plated candlesticks. Polished a few too many times but I still liked them, especially for the low price of $10 for the pair!

I knew exactly where I would put them once I got them home...

and here they are now, on the same dining room table...

Okay, back to the towels for a closer look at that needle work...

And speaking of needle work, check out this needlepoint bell pull! The metal hardware has "Austria" stamped in it. I'll show you several views of the pull. The photo below shows the gold and pink petit point bird...

and this photo is of the blue, pink and gold petit point bird.

And then check this out! On the back is a little torn hole where the wires were cut and then at the bottom you can see the imprint from where the round metal piece that the cord/wires once wound around has laid since the wire was cut (and the round piece is still in there! I've never seen one with that in it). The wire would have went up through the top of the pull and into the wall that led to the kitchen or servants quarters where once it was pulled the bell would ring and the servants would come running. ;-)

So anyway, that is all I know about that so if you can tell me anything about its age or more about how it actually worked, or how it hung on the wall, please let me know. I just have it hung on a little brass nail. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, I only paid $20 for it!
Here is where I hung it. Because of the lighting and the tray ceiling shadow the photo didn't turn out very good. Sorry...

Since we're in this room I'll show you the rug I bought at an antique auction. The rug is huge, it is 11' x 16'.
Once again, the lighting makes it hard to take a good picture in this room. I'm still trying to decide if I will keep the rug.

 The view below is with natural lighting so you can see the colors a little clearer. I got it for a steal at $30!!

Now for my teacups and the other little cup. The teacups were featured on my Happy 1st day of Spring blog but I didn't show the other little cup. It's so small (2" tall) and so elegant looking that I couldn't resist for $7.
The teacups I got for $5 for the pair, they are Limoges and date from 1892-1907.

It didn't have a saucer but it fit perfectly in this butter pat!

I also got these cute little glass chick ornaments for 40% off, making them $4 for a box of 6...

I thought they would be a cute addition to my Easter tree.

And now, for my favorite Spring Break find! Are you ready?! I'll give you a little peek...

and I'll take IT out of the box for a better look...

and then I'll take the ribbon off and this is what we have. A bird dome gone bad!!! There are 4 small birds in there but only two have some feathers still on them. See all the grey fluff all over? Yep, those are all feathers...

that came off of this poor little wretched guy...

and the other little guy at the top has lost most of his feathers too. The other two have half of their feathers, but barely hanging on their bodies/bones! I got the dome for a good enough price thinking that if I couldn't make it look presentable or find an old taxidermy bird or two on Ebay to replace these with that I would come out okay on the dome itself. It is an oldie.

So I cleaned all the feathers out from the bottom and with a little hairspray I got the remaining feathers to stay on the two birds that had some left on them and here is what it looks like cleaned up...

and this is where it will stay for now. Anybody have any taxidermy birds for sale? *winks*

Thanks for hanging in there with me and I hope you enjoyed seeing all my latest finds. Let me know which one you like best. Have a great rest of your week!

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  1. Oh The rug is my favorite find of yours
    I am thinking about getting a new rug for my living room and that would have worked for me also
    glad you found another glass egg those are always a good find I think

    I wish I had some Victorian items you would like, since I am having a yard sale soon as I can get some help dragging it all out, also when it warms up

  2. Hi! You were the link before me at the Treasure Hunt Thursday link party! I, personally, love the rug and hope that you decide to keep it! The red is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

    It's Always Ruetten

  3. Hi Gina,
    Well, being the teacup lover that I am, my fondness for teacups wins out but I do like your rug too. I think it's a wonderful shade of red. Thanks for sharing this at my HOME and enjoy your evening.


  4. OK...I LOVE it all! You must keep the rug...gorgeous!!! Those poor birds, bet is was pretty in the beginning...
    Thanks so much for visiting and for your sweet comments. Love your plateau, looks great with your new candlesticks!

  5. OK, Gina. I said it before but you have such a good eye and you find the most unusual things for really great prices. That rug is gorgeous, the bell pull is a wonderful find, usually you see the repo's but that one seems to be really old with the wiring, and the bird dome--I was a little torn when I first saw it. You just know it is old but those featherless birds are a bit scary to me (as I am not the best bird lover in the world!) but once cleaned up, and that must have been a big job, I must say it is quite beautiful and looks right at home on your lovely table. I would say that you had a very worthwhile day of shopping..Happy Thursday..Judy

  6. Totally love your finds. My sister in law made a needlepoint bell pull in the 70's and to this day hangs in her dining room next to the kitchen door. Not the same dining room but always next to the door.
    The candle sticks are beautiful and really like how they have aged.
    The birds with the popping eyes made laugh at first, just hit me funny like they had been in a fight with each other. You know how to take care of it and did a fine job.
    I like the picture with the tulips and looks to be daffodils, not sure if you blogged about that before, I am sure you did as you have so many beautiful things to show us. It caught my eye too.
    Tea cups are something I collect to but never have blogged about them, I probably will since I do love them. I don't have the beauties like you have, quite a collection there.
    The rug is gorgeous and a steal at $30. I would keep it definitely, one that large is a lot more than what was paid for it. Wow what a shopping trip you had.
    Thanks for sharing and I had fun looking
    Happy Week end

  7. Hello Gina,
    Great finds! The glass display dome is my favourite and you've done a wonderful job at cleaning it up. But that rug for 30.00 is unbelievable! What a shopper you are.

  8. Wow! What treasures you have found! Especially the candle holders and the bell pull.
    Speaking of bell pulls, they were such a common part of everyday life in the Victorian era but, much like wall pockets, have disappeared from the collective memory and/or studies of most historians.
    You have a wonderful collection!

  9. Hello Gina
    Great new treasures .... I love the rug! You are very brave cleaning up the bird dome, it turned out great. Have a great weekend.

  10. Gina, now you had my attention with the silver, I love the way you used it for the Easter display. My heart beat a little faster with the bell pull, but I just about jumped out of my chair when I saw the dome!!! Love it, great treasures!

  11. The candlesticks are such a treasure! Love the gentle scallops on the base. Thank's for sharing these wonderful finds.


  12. We love the bell pull; in fact, we have one kind of like it. I'd say it dates to ca. 1870-1900. Not a whole lot of help....:)

    Big fan of parlor domes as well. That's why we like to go to Clarksville...heh heh...yours is wonderful. Looks like those birds could use a "re-feather" though...

    Hope to see you soon!

    K and K