Monday, July 16, 2012

Angel Passing

 In Memory of Angel

2005 - 2012

Back at the end of June I wrote a post about the parakeets I was watching for my friends while they were on vacation. Click here to review it if you would like. As I had said in the post Angel had belonged to us for many years before going to her new home. But while Angel was staying with us I noticed her looking and acting ill and I took her to the birdie vet and he informed me that she had a tumor and wasn't for sure how long she would live. Her owners would not be back for another 2 weeks so we gave her lots of TLC and hoped that she would make it long enough to see her family again and go home with them. Well she did make it and went home with them but the next day our sweet little Angel, with white angelic wings, passed away.  She will be missed by many.


  1. SO sorry about your little angel, Gina. I hope the new owners can cope with her loss too...Christine

  2. Hi Gina,I'm so sorry to hear about your dear little angel,take care love juliexxx

  3. I'm sorry to hear of Angel's passing. I'm glad your friends made it back in time to say their goodbyes. Our pet are truly family.

  4. It's sad to hear about your angel. she was left in good hands and taken care of so well. I am sorry for the new owners loss.