Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Latest Finds!

Hello everyone! Glad you came back for another visit!
How I love going around looking for treasures that catch my fancy to bring back to my house so I can try and make it look more Victorian! I don't always find stuff but when I do it is so exciting! Except for when I buy something, get it home and wonder why I even bought the thing! Do you all ever do that? Please don't tell me I'm the only one who does. *winks*
In the last couple of months I have found some things that make me happy and want to share them with you. Now remember, I did not buy these things all at the same time.
Below is an incomplete set of Johnson Brothers transfer ware ironstone dishes. The pattern is called Staffordshire Bouquet and it was made in 1978. I still need to find the sugar bowl and more of the same pieces in order to have 8 place settings. I bought these at a flea market in Kirksville, Mo.

This tea kettle was a $1 find at a garage sale. On the bottom is has "Old Country Roses" Royal Albert. I thought is was pretty and I only have teapots so I thought I "needed" a tea kettle.

Several weeks ago I went to an auction in a small historic Missouri town, at this beautiful 1870's Victorian. It was previously a B & B, so the house and the contents were up for auction.
It is called "Romancing the Past" B & B, so if interested in knowing more about it just google it and you'll find something on it.

Not a very clear photo, but you can see the beautiful burl walnut archway in the front hall.

This lovely brides veil shadow box is why I went to the auction. And here it is! I got it! Inside is a photo of the happy couple, the brides veil, and her headpiece which are orange blossoms. They were made by wadding up cotton and then dipping them in wax.

And here is where I put it...
You know how it is when you buy something and you really didn't have room for it so then you have to move things around to make it work? Well I had a 16 x 20 litho of Jesus and a lamb here so I moved Him into the dining room and took two game bird pictures down and sold them, along with some other stuff, and got enough money to pay for this shadow box and then some! Yay!

I also bought this reproduction parasol at the B & B auction. I just love those things. And since it's fairly new it won't fall apart like my antique ones!

Do you remember on my "For the Love of Birds" post I showed you the parakeets I was bird sitting? Well this is what the owners brought back for me from Spain. She knows me so well!

I got this small antique Victorian frame at a local Antique mall. The picture is kind of hard to see but it is of a lady painting a portrait of the young girl.

And here we go! You know me and my antique postcards! My mom and I went to a postcard show and sale a couple of weeks ago and I had a lot of self control! These were the only two cards I bought and I only spent one dollar! The one on the left is a shoe with beads all over it. I thought the beach one was so cute even though I don't know what "I can quite see through it now" means but I like the little note the beau wrote up above that in parenthesis, it says "Don't get mad at me for this"! Isn't that funny?

These two Christmas postcards I bought elsewhere. I love cherubs so I thought they needed to come home with me!

A few weeks ago I went with a friend to an Architectural Salvage place in Kansas City. It was a fun store to look in but very expensive. I didn't buy anything there but guess what just happened to be a block away?!
The K.C. Union Station! And guess what was at the Union Station?! The Titanic Exhibit! Now, if you'll remember from my "Remembering the Titanic" post, I had just bought repro 1st class dinner plates but the table looked boring with only those plates and I felt like I needed the "stacked look". So I bought these rimmed soup bowls! Now the table will look so much better! Ohhh! Can't wait til April!

Okay, moving right along here! Last week I bought this large frame at an antique mall. The opening is 20 1/4 x 24 1/4, big enough for a print that I have been wanting to get framed. (in an antique frame, that is)
I actually already have the print in the frame but want to post that later. So you all will just have to put on your "waiting shoes" for that one! He! He!

Finally, we're to the end of my finds! But...I just went to an antique auction this past Monday and found these neat things that made me happy so here they are! Toward the back is a velvet frame with a tintype of a baby in it, a hatpin holder, salt spoons, a matching porcelain brush and mirror and then, check out the runner thingy underneath all that! I just loved it and thought I had to have it and now I don't know where to put it! Anyone have any suggestions? I played around with it in the parlor/living room area and just couldn't come up with a place. So now I'm thinking maybe I need to make it into a pillow and put it on the antique sofa? (Scroll up to see the sofa) Any thoughts?

Looking at it closer you can see that the flowers are thistles. Aren't they neat? I thought they were really different.

So with that, I will end this post with this photo of a real thistle. I hope you enjoyed looking at my latest finds and I do hope you will join me again next week. Have a great weekend! (I'm off to another antique auction tomorrow!)


  1. Oh, I have enjoyed seeing your finds! I especially love that teapot! Looking forward to your next post!

  2. Wow, you have some GREAT finds! I love the bride's veil shadow box; I'm always looking for one like that but can never find one. They are just so lovely, I think. I did spot a pink velvet Victorian photo album on a stand, in very good condition, although without any pictures inside, but they wanted a LOT for it! I keep thinking about it, however. ;-) Your Titanic plates are great! I didn't know you could buy repro ones! That would be something I'd love to have for my table!

  3. Just catching up lovely,what amazing finds ,so pretty and such great prices.Love the tea set and the Royal Albert kettle :-)

  4. Love your great finds. The bride's veil is my favorite! I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for one of those. Great hunting!

  5. Your photo of the former B&B looks like a place I would have loved to visit. Hope it finds new owners who will love it and maintain it's charm. How lucky for you to acquire the shadow box. I have not seen anything like that before -- it is a treasure. Sometimes there is another "language" spoken on old post cards. I'm certain some of the common sayings of today's slang will be mysterious 100 years from now too!