Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sew Crazy in Love

Week two of my "Romantic" Vignette posts using antique items. Thank you for your comments and requests to see more of my collections. Sometimes I feel like this is all a waste of time. So thank you for letting me know how much you enjoy them. It will keep me going a little longer. :)

I am going to set the stage in my son's room on his bed where I have my antique crazy quilt. It is draped over his comforter so when he comes home from college on weekends I can take it off real quick! I have a gorgeous table cloth that I have folded up at the end, it was so pretty but too big for my table so this is where it resides for now.

Before I tell you about the quilt and tablecloth I wanted to first mention the 3 piece burled walnut bedroom suite. I got it at Victorian Home estate auction several years ago, it was original to that house. Patent date of 1878. Consists of a bed, washstand and through the mirror of the washstand you'll see the dresser. I love this suite but when I brought it home all my son said was "I didn't even ask for this." He wants a bunk bed, I told him he could get a bunk bed when he gets his own house! Aren't I nice? 
So anyway, back to the quilt, I bought it at one of our estate sales last Fall for $40!

I do not believe it dates back to the 1800's, most likely after 1900 because of all the cotton materials used. The earlier Crazy Quilts used silk and velvet materials and a wider variety of different stitches. Some Crazy Quilts have the dates stitched on them, but not this one. It just has initials here and there...

and this cute lone flower...

And let me add one more antique quilt (just got today at a sale for 17.00!)It most likely dates back to the late 1800's.

Not sure what pattern it is called, reminds me of the Log Cabin pattern but don't think that is it. So if you know, please tell me. It is made of velvet and silk material. I like the little flag that was sewn in there.

I don't know if I will leave this quilt on the bed, it is pretty fragile, but for now I'll drape it over the foot of the bed like this.

For the vignette I brought out the sewing baskets, notions, lace, tatting and buttons.

Inside the large basket are lace, black bead trims, and tatting

Inside the small basket are mother of pearl, glass, and brass buttons

these four are my favorite, I bought them as they are, cut right off of a burgundy velvet jacket or dress

Inside the box are black glass buttons, and behind them in the pressed glass dish are mother of pearl buttons.

Guess what this cute little birdie on its nest is, besides a pin cushion...

a thimble holder! A reproduction it is.

And I have a few sewing related advertising trade cards. A singer sewing machine with 100 examples of Crazy Patchwork stitches on the back.

And these three cards are advertising cotton threads. Clark's and Merrick's.

And a back view...

Well that's all folks! I hope you enjoyed my sewing post, as always thank you so much for visiting and for the comments. Have a blessed week!

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  1. The bedroom set in your sons bedroom is gorgeous. How nice to have a matching set of furniture pieces. The quilts are wonderful too. I think the one quilt may be called Rail Fence? The beautiful tablecloth looks great laid across the end of the bed. You have some beautiful button collections. When did you first know that you were so interested in "Victorian"? Maybe you could post about that someday. I would love to hear your story.

  2. Beautiful Bedroom Suite. If wishes were fishes, I'd have an ocean full of fishes. You're lucky to have a beautiful victorian bedroom set even if your son would like to have had something other. grins. I don't have a suite YET, but am in hopes of getting one or something designed similar to an antique. Glad you shared.

  3. Please keep showing your collections--you are definitely NOT wasting your time! I love Victoriana too and my kids were always asking why did we have to live in this old (Victorian) house and have all this old stuff. My answer was the same as yours--when you have your own house, you can have whatever you want! Your new quilt was a steal and the pattern is called Rail Fence.

  4. That bedroom suite is gorgeous! I've been lucky enough to find an antique set at a yard sale of all places; but, it isn't as spectacular as yours. Enjoy you posts so much. Please, keep them coming.

  5. love it that quilt is awesome we call it a crazy quilt is that the proper term do you know??
    come see us at

  6. I love, love, love seeing your collections, Gina. I am a "hopeless romantic" when it comes to Victorian items, and by that, I mean anything from 1700 - 1940. . .so that goes way beyond and before "Victorian". . .You always have such lovely things to share. The crazy quilts are beautiful! I've only been blogging for a short while, and I have been mainly showing collections of things I have. But I love seeing what others collect, too!

  7. I do love those crazy quilts. I want to make one, never have time anymore because of baby sitting.
    Your son is so lucky to have such a handsome room and that bedroom suit is wonderful. Other young men his age would love a room like this.
    I always look for buttons and some pretty buttons you have that looks to be made of shells and bone? I have a big box that my grandma collected and I thought as pretty as some are they could almost make a nice necklace. I do love your collections and you have some very nice ones for sure.

  8. Yes we all like seeing into your charming Victorian house so keep letting us peek into your rooms.
    The bedroom suite is all so wonderful, next can we see your charming bedroom?

  9. Gina, what a beautiful bedroom suite. Gorgeous!! Your quilts are just wonderful and don't feel bad about your son's opinions. When he gets a life of his own, then he will want everything!. My daughter does!..Great button collections too..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  10. Hi Gina,
    I love your vintage bedroom suite. You made me smile to read your son's response. That is what my boys would have said too. Happy February to you too! Karen

  11. Dear Gina:
    I loved seeing all your interesting items and that lovely crazy quilt. I never tire of your treasures. Hope you are keeping warm - it is cold out today!

  12. Oh my Gina, I have such a weakness for vintage sewing items. I can't believe the price you paid for that crazy quilt! All the hours of love and work that went into it. The other quilt is the rail pattern. I have made one using flannels for my hubby. He loves to snuggle up in it. I have bought a couple of quilts at estate sales. They go for $75-$80 here. That suite is absolutely breathtaking! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  13. What a lovely collection, Gina! From the vintage sewing notions to the gorgeous quilt--love it all! Thank you for sharing @Vintage Charm, I'm pinning!

  14. What a beautiful bedroom you have made Gina! I like crazy quilts. My great-grandfather had a Victorian home that had one on the bed. It was just beautiful. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  15. Hi Gina, featuring you today at SYC. Guess what? I just bought a crazy quilt off of Instagram. Can't wait till it arrives!!