Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Roslyn Heights Christmas Tour

Hello everyone! I have a Victorian Home Christmas tour to take you on today! My friend and fellow blogger, whom I will introduce you to in a little bit, set out on our first little outing (we met through blogging and just happened to live in the same town!) this past Saturday to a little river town to get in some antiquing and take a home tour. The home is called Roslyn Heights and is the Missouri Daughters of the American Revolution State Headquarters in Boonville. 
The Queen Ann house was built in 1895. It has 13 rooms and 8 beautiful fireplaces. Each room has a decorated Christmas tree by a different chapter of the DAR. So be prepared to see LOTS of Christmas trees!

And with that being said, let's head on in! But first I have to tell you a little secret. There was to be no photo taking in the house BUT I asked them if I could take photos of the trees for my blog. So I was a little sneaky and snuck in a few interior shots as well. Sorry I couldn't get more for you to see.

So upon entering the house you'll find the foyer and the first tree all nestled in the turret room. It was decorated in an owl theme. I tried to get a little detail of the house in each photo too. So notice the gorgeous fretwork at the top of the photo.

This is the ladies parlor...

with colors of pearly white, silver, and splashes of blue along with several birds.

AND NOW back to my friend and fellow blogger! Who is she? She is the lovely and talented Janice (on the left) from Curtains in my Tree. If you have not ever visited her blog you will want to! She can always put a smile on your face.

Moving on into the next room, which the docent called a gentleman's parlor or smoking room but it actually seems to be more of a music room. But anyway here is another owl themed tree done in reds and golds and silver, well actually it's kind of a patriotic tree. I see it now that I'm actually looking at it and trying to figure it out! And am I seeing things or is that a ladies hat on top of that tree?!

In the dining room is a bluebird and angel themed tree,

just check out that bluebird mobile. Pretty cute! There were lots of pretty sterling silver and different shadow boxes in this room but I couldn't sneak a picture of those!

BUT, as I reached the top of the stairs I turned around and took a quick photo of the beautiful stained glass windows and more gorgeous fretwork.

The first bedroom has the tree in the turret room and I assume it is an angel tree wearing a halo? I'm not sure what it is, I don't remember.
See that pink vase on the right, well that is waht I remember! It was one of a pair and very lovely!

And surprise, here we are again! My camera just didn't like the lighting in this house. This is a different bedroom.

with a woodland type theme and more bluebirds. Maybe I should mention that Missouri's state bird is the bluebird. How about that?!
I did get the top of the antique sofa in this picture! Yay!

Here is what I would call the "master bedroom" which had a bed to die for but I could not sneak a photo of it either! But anyway it has a little room/big closet adjoining it(to the right).

And it was Janice's favorite! So Janice this photo is for you my friend!

Below is a closer look at the tree in the bedroom,

and yes, more bluebirds!

This tree is in the boys bedroom. Red, white and blue AND snowmen and icicles!

And here is this little snowman themed tree but I didn't care much for it I was just trying to get the dresser! I do like the reflection of the other tree in the mirror though. :-)

And the last bedroom on the second floor is the servants bedroom with a woodland snow theme. A cute Teddy on top...

and not bluebirds, but Cardinals on this tree!!

Coming out of the bedroom, heading into the bathroom I took this photo. The stairwell with all the stained glass is off to the left before the chair.

Here is the bathroom. I did not get a good shot of the walls though. You can see a little bit of the mural in the photo, but it went all around the room and it is original to the house! So pretty!

And then we headed upstairs to the third floor attic which is the ballroom. The docent said this is where the family celebrated Christmas morning.

Right here gathered around the fireplace!

On the other side of the ballroom is the turret room and Janice's favorite decorated tree all tucked in nice and pretty.

It was decorated with dried hydrangeas and guess what else?! Yep, you guessed it...bluebirds!!
It was named the "And Heaven and Nature Sing" tree.

After that we headed back downstairs to the basement, had a soup lunch that they were providing for $5,

needed to use the ladies room before leaving. And it even had Christmas trees in there! But no bluebirds!

I absolutely loved this bathroom and it has inspired with me my own bathroom!

Below is the Historic Hotel Frederick. I thought the entrance was so pretty all decked out for Christmas that I wanted to share a glimpse of it with you.

And then it was off to check out some antique furniture! This store is so fun to look in, so many pretty pieces!

And it is so huge! Love it!

Thank you for coming along on our little outing with us. I hope you enjoyed it. I will be posting on my own Christmas decorations in the next couple of days so be watching for that.

I wanted to thank Nancy over at A Joyful Cottage. She had a Dining Room party, called Every Room in the House Party, for the month of November and she featured my dining room transformation post. If you have not visited Nancy you will want to check out her wonderful post.

I am joining the following parties with this post, please come and check out these parties.


  1. Hi Gina,
    Thank you for taking us on the tour! The trees are incredibly beautiful. How lovely that you were able to enjoy it with a fellow blogger. :-) It looks like you had nice weather that day too. Did you purchase any furniture? It all looks tempting... ;-)
    I am off to check out Janice's blog.
    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. Lovely home all decorated for Christmas. I helped a dear friend last weekend when her home was on our homes tour. Pictures of that house are on my blog -- it's a beautiful house furnished with exquisite antiques!

  3. Hey Gina
    What great pictures you got of all the trees. It was a delight going through that house with you . I wish I could have stayed and played in that closet with all the Victorian gowns hanging.
    The Ball room was wonderful to experience and I really liked the servants room she has a bright cheerful room.
    The entire house was fabulous and the fireplaces was all gorgeous.
    We must go back when they get the kitchen completed back to original to the house .
    It was a fun day with you and it went by way to fast

    Janice xoxo

  4. I am so jealous. I sure wish I could have gone to play with you two. Living in the middle of no where, doesn't make it easy to do fun things like this. At Least I got to kinda go along with you two. God love you both, Merry Christmas and keep on doing!

  5. What a beautiful home, Gina! Everything looks so festive. You visit the neatest places. Thanks you so much for taking us along with you through your lovely photos. You did a wonderful job getting photos! They are so inspiring. I would love to have that nice an attic! Mine would scare a ghost away!

  6. It is always a treat to see our historical homes espcially at Christmas time with all the stunning decorations. Thank you for sharing. Visiting from The Charm of Home. Merry Christmas, Linda @

  7. Wonderful tour... someone or many people....really put a lot of work into those trees! Looks like a fun day... and now I am curious about what kind of soup they provided. :)

  8. By the way, where in Missouri is this? I used to live in Cape Girardeau... a long time ago!

  9. Oh Gina...what a splendid tour! That is exactly the kind of excursion I LOVE!
    Thanks for taking us along with you.

    And you are so funny getting photos of only the trees but wanting to take more. I know exactly how you felt. WHY cant we take photos inside of places like that? Why?

    Anyway, great job and thanks, too, for stopping by my blog to see the incredible dollhouse of my friend! Susan

  10. Gorgeous trees and so many, even in the bathroom. I do love seeing those stained glass windows. You are so lucky to get pictures inside, we are always told at the start of a tour to not take pictures.

  11. Gina, what wonderful old house. I'm so glad you got to see it with your blogger friend. Beautiful trees but I really loved all the windows with the small shutters and the beautiful woodwork. I love that red and white wallpaper in the room with the gorgeous dresser. The tree with the hydrangeas was very pretty. It really was all very pretty. Thanks for sharing..Happy Monday and I'm looking forward to seeing your decorations..Judy

  12. P.S. I forgot to mention, I love your brown jacket..J

  13. Hi Gina, I have missed you. What a lovely house tour and to be able to share it with a fellow blogger is heavenly. Love the Christmas trees all decked out in their finery. You two look fabulous. xo

  14. Just beautiful! Have a Merry Christmas! Thank you for joining HSH!

  15. So pretty! We have a few mansions in my area that do a similar tour. It's always fun to go and get ideas!

  16. Thank you for sharing this wonderful Heritage Home!
    Have a Very Merry Christmas and I look forward to following your Blog again in 2015!

  17. Gorgeous! Thanks so much for taking us along and for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY...

  18. Gina, You're right, Roslyn Heights IS gorgeous!! I'm a Missouri DAR and so proud of our beautiful state headquarters. We decorate her each year and the soup luncheon is also a tradition. My sister's chapter meets at RH. Aren't they lucky?!! Glad your enjoyed your tour and for sharing her Christmas beauty! Visiting from Amaze Me Monday.

  19. Wow, what a lovely home, gorgeous trees - I will be featuring your post in this week's A Return to Loveliness,

  20. I enjoyed this post too with Janice and you in Boonville!