Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Last minute Halloween decorating

Talk about decorating at the last minute, well it's not exactly the last minute but almost! I love Halloween decorations and am always so inspired by everyone else's decorating. I don't decorate a whole lot but here is a little glimpse of what I have done AND for my miniature followers, I did find time to make the dollhouse SPOOKY. So here we go, we'll start in the foyer, nice and bright for those of you who might be afraid.

If you are not afraid then let me throw this one at you. BOO!

I like these ghosts and have another one as you go up the stairs...

and another one hanging from the front porch...

Below is our crow guarding the silver (plate) and porcelain.

He only leaves his spot when he smells or sees candy corn!

Otherwise he remains on guard day and night!

Moving on in to the living room/parlor area where you'll see the most decorating but first I want to show you the Halloween invitation postcard I bought the other day.

It is rather plain but I like the information it gives me about the year 1906 when it was written.
It reads...
You are summoned to a Halloween gathering of The Gray Witch and Black Wizard Order of necromancers. The revel will be held on the night of October thirtieth, nineteen hundred and six. Time, Nine by the village clock. Place. 7413 South Broadway. (St. Louis)
                                                                    The Gray Witch of Romance

Maybe this is her!

Here are a few other antique postcards that I have...

and one over here on the parlor table...

Pictured in the photo above is my 2nd great grandmother Viola and hanging on the wall above her is an oil painting of her mother, my 3rd great grandmother Ellen.

Ellen is looking a little ghostly because the artist who painted the portrait had never done a colored portrait before and boy does it show. So anyway that's her.
And next to Grandma Ellen is the decorated fireplace mantle. This is my daughter's side of the mantle...

and this is my son's side of the mantle...

And over on the pier mirror shelf we have Frankenstein's head...


And here is the skeleton maid.

Speaking of skeletons, here is the dollhouse decorated for Halloween. I'm calling it Skeleton Manor.

I only decorated the first two floors, the third floor is under construction.

In the kitchen is the only non skeleton resident living at Skeleton Manor. She has some candied apples, apple cider and even has some apples for bobbing. The skeletons still have their teeth so they love that game! And there's an ice bucket with some Coke cooling, that will definitely make them Smile. Get it...have a Coke and a Smile! I know, ha, ha!

In the dining room is the Pirate skeleton with his treasure chest close by and the treasure map. There's chocolate cake, suckers, sour balls and Hershey bars, yum!

Up on the second floor they are holding a wake for their dear witch friend, hey she could actually be the Gray Witch of Romance from the postcard invite!

Below is the left side of the parlor...
See the spider on the petit fours on the teacart?

and here is the right side of the parlor. The skeletons can't sit down real well but at least they have on cute hats!

And that is it, I hope you enjoyed my decorating and have a spooky Halloween! Just be sure and stay away from old graveyards. I wouldn't be caught dead in one of those places on Halloween!

I am joining the following parties this week, please come and join in the fun.
DWELLINGS  with Cindy
IVY AND ELEPHANTS (What's It Wednesday) with Patti
PINK SATURDAY with Beverly


  1. Gina,
    It's all very spooktacular!! OK, that was cheesy but I just couldn't help myself! ;-)
    hope you have a great Halloween!
    sugar, spice and whatever's nice

  2. Gina, It is really grand fun. I love that skeleton maid and the Grey
    Witch with the black eyes and the beautiful hat. You have all the old embellishments to make it fun and realistic. Your kids are really beautiful. Don't tell your son I said that! The littles are set up for a spooktacular time..Happy Halloween..Judy

  3. Lots of neat Halloween fun here. The vintage postcards I do enjoy seeing.
    The dollhouse is fun to look at , I enlarge the pics so I can look closer into the rooms, you do such a great job of decorating it.

  4. Ahhh...I was wondering when I'd see this post!
    As always, great job in your Halloween decorations!

  5. I've missed you and your splendid dollhouse posts! Lots of fabulous Halloween going on at your house (and dollhouse). Love it all! I'm also enjoying the sneak peeks of your children's school pictures on the mantel too!

  6. Your decorations look fantastic! That postcard invitation is great, I love the wording she used.

  7. Oh Gina, GREAT JOB decorating...both the big and little house! Loved all.

    Thanks for the visit, too. Susan

  8. I really love the ghost on the hall tree, sets the mood as you enter. I adore Halloween post cards, I only have a few because they are so expensive. The doll house looks great. Happy Halloween.

  9. The dollhouse is so cute..,,, but my favorite thing is the flying ghosts! Hugs, Penny

  10. Looks wonderful Gina!! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!

  11. Lots of interesting Halloween goodies! The little mini skeletons are a riot! Thanks for sharing with "Let's Talk Vintage!"

  12. Looks like your dollhouse has been transformed into a haunted house!! What great detail! You know I love your dollhouse and it was such a surprise to see all your adorable decor for Halloween. Thanks for such a delightful visit!!

    Many blessings, Edie Marie

  13. I'm late for the tour however it all looks scary and spooky to me LOL
    I should not be surprised you found little Halloween decor for your doll house which is cute of course

  14. LOVE, love! I had to go back to the beginning of your post because I thought you said you don't decorate a lot....you did say that! I think what you did is a lot and it is all wonderful! Love the ghosts and the dollhouse! Please do a Christmas decorating post! :)