Monday, July 21, 2014

More Miniature Happenings!

Hello everyone!
I wanted to share with all of you my latest little project. I bought one of those little pencil sharpener phonograph's that I think everyone who likes minis has one of. I decided to make it a one of a kind and remembered in one of my Victorian Magazines one that was painted just beautifully. So here is how it turned out after the last brush stroke.
(The life sized one in the magazine belongs to Gary Yuschalk and Larkin Mayo.)

Here it is back on the table in the foyer of the blue farmhouse.

Meanwhile in the dollhouse, the children (and the two cousins in the back row) are sitting out on the front stoop waiting to welcome you with a plate of cookies. Would you like one please?

The adults are sitting in the parlor enjoying some views through the stereopticon and getting ready to play a little game of table croquet. Do you play croquet, table croquet that is?

I just finished the round center table, it was from a kit. The little marble top parlor table I had there was way too small and wouldn't hold everything I wanted it to so it is now in the Library of the Blue Farmhouse.
I also finished the below corner wall shelf too. I thought it turned out really cute. I think Queen Victoria approves of its Rococo Revival style. :)

While the adults sat in the parlor, down on the stoop the children got into a squabble and two of them decided to go upstairs and play Noah's Ark. It must be Sunday! Back in the Victorian Era children's Bible related toys were put away until Sunday and that was the day they got to play with these special toys.

Maybe if the children make up they will be able to visit the Zoo tomorrow and buy a souvenir.
(These pieces are in my real size china cabinet and are doll size but not miniature dollhouse size.  They are all vintage St. Louis Zoo souvenirs. I just bought the peacock teapot and corner stand the other day. I added the teacup and saucer, I thought it went together pretty well for a married piece.)

Well that is it for now, thanks so much for stopping by and have a beautiful week!

I am joining WHAT'S IT WEDNESDAY this week, please come and join in the fun.


  1. Oh Gina. Swoon swoon swoon! I LOVE everything! The chair? Fabulous. The Victrola? Wonderful job. The little kids? Darling.

    Oh yes yes yes. Change the blog name. You have found your niche and you are awesome at it.

    Thank you so much for sharing! Susan

  2. You know I'd support the name change! I love all things miniature and am always so happy to find another miniature lover! Love all your special details. Always a treat to see new posts from you.

  3. Hi Gina, I like the new little boy and yes I would buy an apple from him, I like your new chair and rug too


  4. Everything looks fantastic!! Or you could start a second blog called Miniature Happenings......


  5. Gina, I love your tiny world! So much fabulous detail in every single room, but that phonograph is perfection! It is a real passion and I'd love to see more!

  6. Hello, I am your newest follower - the project and photos look great. I love what you did with the fret work and the victrolla! Keep up the good work. Troy

  7. Gina
    you are having so much fun with your little miniatures and I love seeing all your new treasures of the miniatures
    I guess the player piano I have would be to big for your doll house? its in my etsy shop

  8. Gina,
    I adore the painting on the victrola, great job! What a clever use for the headboard, love that idea, now I have to look for one of those beds :) Blessings to you and yours,
    sugar, spice and whatever's nice

  9. You could have two blogs, one for your hobby and other for anything you want to post about.
    I will never tire of seeing the miniatures. I read somewhere or heard that one magazine years ago used miniatures sometimes in their pictures to design aroom for photographing. Just came to mind and I will have to look that up
    I most definitely need a hobby like this my husband says, that way I can have everything I want for a lot less money and change it up anytime I get the urge.
    Well back for a second look at your pretties.
    Happy Sunday

  10. Your phonograph is stunning, Gina! You've really outdone yourself with that piece. It's fun seeing all of your new minis and projects too. Your enthusiasm rubs off on your readers, me included! xo Jennifer

  11. Hi Gina!

    I love miniatures! And yours are adorable!! The little phonograph you painted is outstanding Gina. I looks just like the one in the magazine, sooo sweet. I have a Victorian dollhouse that's been packed up ever since we downsized to the condo and you are making me want to get it out again and PLAY! It's so fun isn't it? And it's a small hobby. Perfect! I've enjoyed my visit with you so much.

    Blessings, Edie Marie

  12. Oh, Gina. I love what you did with the phonograph! I think it is one of my favorites. And the fret work that you put over the window is gorgeous. I wish I had some of that in real life. What a great hobby and I can tell you have so much fun with all of it..Happy Thursday..Judy

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