Friday, February 22, 2013

Chocolate Pots and Snowflakes

(Post from 2013)

Chocolate Pots...

and Snowflakes. 
How wonderful!

The week started off with warmer weather
 and a sweet little bloom in my garden.
 The first bloom of the season,
tucked between the garden hose
and hidden from the rabbits!

But the week would end with a beautiful blanket of snow,
a BIG blanket of snow, like 11" or so! 
Here in mid Missouri it was called a "thunder" snow storm. 
It was the strangest thing to hear thunder booming 
as the snow fell silently to the ground.

By late afternoon the snow had stopped falling
and this is what it looked like out there.
The concrete planter would almost be covered
and the cherub would disappear in the snow.

I no longer needed to dream of a white winter,
as pictured in these trade cards...

because I now had one.
So with all that snow outside my window

I knew I did not want to get all bundled up
 in my white winter fur 

and go anywhere

so I decided to stay inside today
 and bring out the silver tray

the hand cut and glittered snowflakes

and the antique chocolate pots

and enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate.

If you would like to join me 
I would be glad to pour another cup.
Thankyou for your visit
and stay warm.

I am joining these wonderful parties this week...


  1. Your chocolate pots are beautiful as well as your snowflakes! And "Wow", your snow is just beautiful, too! Thank you for the chocolate and you please stay warm, too!

  2. I love your chocolate pots and the hot chocolate you have pictured.
    I am envious of your snow, we haven't had enough to mention. There is still hope.

  3. Hi Gina, your chocolate pots are gorgeous. That is one thing I never had is a chocolate pot in all these years. Are you loving the snow. Ours is still on the ground but, I've seen it and now I'm ready for spring. Your silver tray looks very similar to one I have. Mine has a mirror on the bottom. Stay warm and that chocolate was really good right now. Brrr, it's cold..Happy Weekend..Judy

  4. What a lovely way to spend a snowy winter day. You have the prettiest things.

  5. What a lovely setting, Gina. I love your coffee pot!

  6. I'd love to join you for that steaming cup of hot chocolate! That would be a good opportunity to get a closer look at your charming collection of trade cards.

    At least you had a glimpse of Spring via your purple crocus!

  7. Really like your chocolate pot, and I like our snow as well, It is really deep over here in Columbia
    The interstate must have been closed for a while because there has been a caravan of semis trucks going by, I live back up to I-70 so can see the interstate well

    Your post cards are darling , and what about those glitter snow flakes? did you make them?

  8. Gina,
    Love you chocolate pots and your pretty snowflakes both real and paper!! LOL!!

    Our Dad's are with us always in our hearts....

    Thanks so much for stopping by!


  9. Hi again, Gina. Just wanted to thank you for your kind comments. Our snow is almost gone but what there is left in corners, Buddy will find it! He loves it much more than warm sunshine. Go figure!.Happy Tuesday..Judy

  10. Your chocolate pots are sooo pretty!! I think I am ready for winter to be over. Our last two snows provided more shoveling that I have had to do in a while. And I think we have the same outdoor furniture! Close anyway.

  11. Oh yes I will except the invite.What a beautiful post.I am now your newest follower .I so enjoyed myself visiting you.I sometimes wish We could have snow like that in Southern CA.,only in our mountains does that happen.Drop by My place for a cup of tea if you will.Thank you-Denise

  12. Next to tea, a hot chocolate made in the mug like I do, or from a special pot is a preferred warm drink on a cold day. We have a lot of snow to melt by spring.

  13. Hello there lovely lady Gina,

    Chocolate Pots and Snowflakes...Indeed how wonderful!
    How delightful to see that sweet little bloom in your garden and the first bloom of the season at that, despite the snow/thunderstorm. Pretty though... What a winter wonderland...
    Your lovely silver tray and the antique chocolate pots are delightful. Love those antique cars as well, simply and utterly charming altogether.

    Don't mind if I do accept the warm invitation to enjoy a fragrant and oh-so yummy cup of hot chocolate along with all of you lovely fellow tea ladies in blogland. Have marvelous week and thanks for sharing with us all.

    Cheers, blessings and hugs from Wanda Lee


    P.S. ~ I thank God that after a very exceedingly long respite due to illness, I finally have the strength to come back and visit my you precious, fellow tea ladies in blogland.

  14. Oops!... I meant to say antique "cards"...

  15. I had my share of winter cause I was in Chicago suburb this past weekend. I am glad to be home to a spring weather though. I love your chocolate pots, Gina....Christine

  16. Hi Gina,
    Your china chocolate pot is a beauty, and hot chocalets sounds so nice tonight:-) Mmmm..

  17. Hi Gina,
    your chocolate pots ae so pretty. That looks yo yummy with the Marshmallows (?) in the hot chocolate. Snow is nice but now I am craving for spring. Thank you for sharing this wonderful pictures.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  18. Thank you for asking about My book. Yes,I have written a book but it's not published.No,I'm not an author-just having all kinds of fun.In my last comment I forgot to say how much I liked the way you had put glitter lining the snow flakes,now that's My kind of fun.Denise

  19. Your winter cards are fun and your chocolate pots are gorgeous. The hot chocolate looks delicious. Happy Tea Day!

  20. Hello Gina,
    Oh, your chocolate pots are beautiful and I love the snowflakes too. How pretty! I will be happy to see the snow gone as we've had many storms and blizzards this past winter. I am definitely not a winter girl at all. I am looking forward to Spring.
    Thank you for stopping by for tea and have a lovely week.


  21. not sure if it's just my pc or not but it appears the xtra large images in this post go outside the border of the template. I had this problem on one of my posts as well, seems you can change this by clicking on "Design", then Customize your template and on the left you'll see an option to "Adjust widths" where you can widen the body of the template so the images fit within. If it's just my pc, gladly disregard this lol.

  22. What a beautiful way to spend a cold wintry day! Love the pots and the snowflakes are exquisite! I have never heard of a thunder snowstorm. It would be very unusual. Loved all of your sweet postcard images as well. Hopped over from Let's Talk Vintage. Now following.

  23. Hi! My first thought was, NO FAIR -- we have NO spring blossoms yet ... and then I saw the date od the post. Haha! Gorgeous chocolate pots -- they are so graceful. Love them. Happy New Year ,,, :-)

  24. Yum! I just love hot chocolate with marshmallows, but I'd love it even more from those gorgeous chocolate pots. Those are fabulous!

  25. So pretty! Thanks for linking up with Home Sweet Home!

  26. It is all so pretty! You got a massive snow. We have never had over a couple of inches. The snow is so pretty though.

  27. Dear Gina:
    This is such a cute posting. Once when I was there - many years back, it actually poured rain for 3 days. I caught a cold and went home sick. I will never forget that. The snow looks lovely and your idea of having hot chocolate sounds lovely! what a beautiful chocolate pot and silver pot! Stay warm and thanks for sharing.

  28. I used to live in snow country...miss it sometimes, but...your photos are lovely! And I love the chocolate pots and the ephemera. A wonderful collection! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  29. We also had a thundersnow you live in the north east? We are in the midst of a blizzard right now. Cute glittery snowflakes you made!

  30. Before I jumped on the tea wagon, I was a hot chocolate drinker. So I'd love to join you for a cup of hot chocolate!

  31. I always enjoy seeing vintage post cards. And Choc. pots. I am lucky enough to have a couple from my grandmother.