Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Blogger Friends Luncheon and Day Out

Hello everyone! Today my blogger friend, Janice from Curtains in My Tree, and I took a trip to Clarksville to visit another blogger friend, Richard from My Old Historic Home.

He planned and prepared a wonderful lunch for us which consisted of quiche, salad, strawberries and cinnamon rolls, and boy was it good! I did not get photos of the table to show you but Richard did, so please check his blog to see that. Below is his beautiful parlor where he sat up our little table for three, you can see part of it in the lower right hand corner of the below photo.

After a wonderful lunch we decided to try to take some selfies. Do you know how hard it is to take a selfie with a camera?! Oh my! This is the only one that turned out on my camera.

After the selfie taking attempt we went about the house admiring Richard's gorgeous furnishings and collections and had fun taking more photos!
This is the room you walk into upon entering his home, GORGEOUS!!

A view of the other side of the room. Can you tell I have a thing for etegeres?! And just look at all of those lovelies on the parlor table!

And here we are, Janice and I.

Of course, we must not forget Buddy, who couldn't keep his thoughts off of the sausage quiche!

And then we moved on to the dining room... 

where we caught Janice touching the silver! :)

After Richard pried the silver out of her hand we headed into the kitchen...

where the Staffordshire Spaniels stood on guard...

but it was the chicken and rooster that guarded Richard himself. :)

We then headed up the stairs, even though the picture is taken going down the stairs...

where we hung out in the Library for a while. Janice had fun looking at all of the home decorator books...

as I went around drooling over the bird domes!

And the dollhouse!

A few shots of Richard's bedroom...

and his latest project, adding shelves to this space for his beautiful bowls. Doesn't it look wonderful?

Richard has so many bowls and plates and such that he even dispays them in his bathroom...

Isn't it beautiful? He even has a pink chandelier hanging in there!

From there we moved on into the front bedroom

admired all the pretties in there. LOVE the mirror!

Took a few pictures...

And more wonderful domes! These are bridal domes. 

And then it was time to play dress up...

Richard arranging the snood on Janice...

doesn't she make a gorgeous Southern Belle?

Thank you for coming along on our visit, we hope we put a smile on your face by sharing all of our fun with you!
Have a wonderful rest of your week.

I am joining the following parties...
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  1. Gina I was so thrilled you and Janice came to visit. It was a good day, even though Buddy showed his bad side. I love my doll house gifts and had a good time visiting with you two. Glad you came over, hope you made it home safe with the storm warnings and please come again soon. Love you post, thanks for sharing.

  2. LOVE Love LOVE the pictures. it was a wonderful day for sure Gina.
    It was such a good day. The pictures are wonderful. Your company was wonderful. Glad we ddn't drive into the thunder storms around us.

    Oh I could spend another day at Richard's, his house is a walk back in 1850's for sure.
    I so enjoyed the drive he took us on to see the old plantation homes around Clarksville. I know you had seen them before but i'm sure you loved seeing them again.
    I want to go back this summer, I'll drive this time and we are taking the back roads LOL my treat LOL
    I am sooo glad you took lots of pictures

    xoxo Janice

  3. Absolutely amazing..what envy to be able to go to Richards house its so awesome! His house is out of this world and his such a special person. Thank you for sharing...Maria

  4. Richard's house is amazing. I feel fortunate to of visited it with my friends a couple years ago. What about those gorgeous chandeliers and brown transferware laundry room! I love the china closet in the dining room too. So many goodies to see!

  5. Gina, I have only just started visiting your blog lately, but I'm glad I have!
    This was such a fun story ~ you three seem to have had a really good time...blogging is so good for making friends.
    I love Victorian era too, though my home is not ''Victorianised' fully, I suppose it has elements of a 19th century cottage.
    Love the selfie!
    I'll be back ~ you are re~kindling my interest in this era!

  6. Gina my dear, as I told Janice, I am sooo jealous!!! I can see that you guys had an amazing time, how could you not with all of Richard's wonderful treasures! Glad you all had such a fun time. Thanks for sharing the eye candy!

  7. I was so happy to see a post from you this morning. I had to go straight to yours to see what you had to share. No disappointment. You gave us so much to see and enjoy. Made my day. Lovely Victorian home you visited and your friends are wonderful too. What a special day. Thanks again for sharing with us.

  8. You sure put a smile on my face! It's so nice to see you Gina! Richard's house is a visual delight........Wish I could've been there too *winks*

  9. It looks like you had a great time! It is lovely when you get to meet fellow Bloggers with the same interests. Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. What a beautiful house and such wonderful things in every corner.
    Glad you had such a good time and loved that buddy got in the pictures.

  11. I love the ornamental iron on Richards home, I love the cows hanging from the shelf, and I love the cloche of seashells. So nice to be able to meet up with fellow bloggers and see a home as beautiful as Richards. A place for everything and everything in it's place. Gosh how do some people do that? I wish I had the knack. I have viewed twice and now will take a look again at the foyer, I like the way he has a shelf hanging on the wall with a mirror. I am getting ideas here. Thanks for the wonderful post and a wonderful pix of you three showing that you are having a great time.

  12. Looks like you and Janice had a wonderful time. What a beautiful home! Thanks for visiting:-)

  13. How fun you two cuties got to visit Richard and tour his fabulous home! Love the collection of bowls and those gorgeous chickens. Did you check under Janice's sweater before you left to make sure there wasn't any hidden silver? lol! Looks so fun! Would loved to have been there with you! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  14. What a fun visit! I just love Richard's home and blog - I will be featuring your post in this week's Home and Garden Thursday,

  15. Beautiful home! Thanks for joining HSH!


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