Saturday, December 17, 2016

More Christmas in the Parlor!

Now for the Christmas decorations in the Living room and more in the parlor.
This is the tree that I mentioned in my last post about just getting done last night, after my son got home from college to help decorate it. My daughter too, but she lives at home.

This tree has a hodgepodge of ornaments on it. Kids homemade ornaments from throughout the years, Hallmark, glass, and still Victorian inspired ornaments. Can't get away from that. :)

Below are a few ornaments that I got just last month at a sale, they are decoupage and I think are actual images from antique Godey's Lady's books, with added earring embellishments.

They look pretty hanging on the tree, they are quite large so I tucked them in near the trunk.

And then there's these ornaments with the cotton clothes. They were plain when I bought them and just yesterday I finally got around to embellishing them with trims, tinsel and miniatures. 

Moving on around the room is the mantel, first time ever I moved the antique clock and placed the creche as the centerpiece of the mantel! Wow, that's big for me because I love the looks of the clock there. But it's only temporary. This is what the mantel looked like last year and where I had the creche last year.

The creche I bought last year at an estate sale and it is a paper mache school art project, NOT DONE BY MY KID! Can you believe that? I can't, but it's so cool I couldn't just leave it there. I felt like it was a true work of art no matter who's kid did it. :)

I always like to work in the cherub theme,

to go along with the ceiling mural in the parlor...

And beyond the feather tree, on the pier table...

are my new "old" Stafforshire dogs! The real deal too, I bought them in St. Louis last month when Bernideen and Janice and I went on a friend's outing.
The seashell dome is one I made several years ago.

Look at that cute OLD face!

Over on the Library table for a little parlor amusement take a look at a stereoscope card or two.

Check out this frozen fountain in front of this Victorian house!

On around through the looking glass you see the mantel and there's my clock to the right of it! So, it didn't go too far! 

And sweet little Lacey waiting for Santa, and for your comments! :)

Wishing you all a memorable holiday season leading up to the blessed day of Christmas!

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  1. Wow, a stereoscope and I want one so bad. Where are they found? Are there reproductions out there? I have wanted one every since I saw one at the Science Museum at an exhibition on wicked plants sitting on a large old victorian table. Nothing is any prettier or finishes off a fireplace mantle better than a mantle cloth (not sure what they are called) I saw one at Hickory Creek antiques in Ashland here, you made me think of it and I am going there tomorrow to see if its still there. What an awesome nativity, would love that.
    I just love everything you have. You have a museum in your home it looks like, so many awesome things.

    1. The mantel cloth is actually called a mantel scarf. :) I love the way they dress up a mantel, no plain mantel for me. winks

  2. So many beautiful things to see, hard to be able to comment on everything. I love the candle lights on the feather tree. I love your painted ceiling in your parlor. I do love all your authentic Victorian decorations. I love the mantle cloth on your fireplace too. So pretty in Red. Your home is gorgeous. Have a Blessed Christmas!

    1. Thank you Sandra for your nice comment and wishing you a blessed Christmas as well.

  3. Gorgeous! Your mantle especially! I love the picture of the old mansion, really sets the snowy mood. If u girls come to St Louis again let me know!! Your puppies stradfordshire and real are sweet.

  4. Gina, it all looks so beautiful and that little Lacy, sweet is right! I have not been able to get a good pic of Kai with the tree this year! Love all your Victorian and how you put it together. I have never had the beautiful and classic decor that you have. The mantel is wonderful and that creche was a great find, no matter whose kid made it..Merry Christmas to you and your family..Judy

  5. Gina:
    Everything looks so lovely - very Victorian!

  6. Just beautiful and I wouldn't expect anything else from you. Your tree is lovely and I love those lady ornaments. Of course Love the Staffordshire Dogs they look great among your other treasures. Then sweet little Lacy is precious watching you take pictures. Your cherubs on the ceiling are beautiful also and a treat to see in person.
    I'll be over to today to check it all out

    Merry Christmas

  7. Lacey is such a darling doggie. Love her blue eyes! The Staffordshire dogs are fabulous. Lucky find!
    Merry Christmas!

  8. Hello Gina, thank you for stopping by, and lovely to meet you !
    Your home is just beautiful, and exudes Victorian style, a timeless fashion.
    The Christmas decorations are magical....
    Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  9. Lacy is so cute waiting for Santa! I love the ornaments with the cotton clothing and how you embellished them. Great score on your Staffordshire dogs! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  10. Such sweet faces! Gina, thank you for sharing your beautiful decorations @Vintage Charm!

  11. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home! Happy New Year!