Saturday, January 30, 2016

Little Changes in the Master Bath

I have been wanting to change things up a bit in our master bath for quite some time now. In my last post I mentioned that I was, and have been, on the lookout for matching antique oval frames (for mirrors) to replace the current master bath mirror for quite some time now. I feel like I need these key elements before I want to buy new lighting and so on.

We'll take a peek in from out here in the bedroom first. Notice my little Lacey dog in the foreground. :)
Last year we replaced the carpet with marble tile, so that was a start but then nothing has happened since then because I am waiting on my frames.
Everything looks alright from out here right, but wait til we go in...

You see what I mean? That awful huge boring mirror and those hollywood lights are such an eyesore! I don't even use all the lightbulbs that it holds because it is so bright.
I thought about framing up the mirror but decided not too, to just wait for the oval frames. So that is what I am doing. For the moment at least.

So in the mean time I decided I would add some pretty stuff in there to help detract the eye from the mirror and lights. I went about the house looking for things that I had tucked away to use in this space and came up with a few things...

I started with this cute little guy that I bought for 80 cents, and placed him on this corner wall shelf that I bought for $10 at an antique mall. 

I wanted something long and skinny to go up over the towel rack and wanted to display some of my vintage hankies so I hung them from a braided cord inside this antique frame ($2).

Do you like my little gray haired lady with her purple shawl? I thought she was adorable, so she took center stage.

To fill in more wall pace I added two souvenir plates.The top one is the 1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair and the bottom one is Washington D.C.

I hung this brass wreath ($10) over the center of the mirror

with the reflection of framed antique lace and cherubs through the mirror...

and below the wreath on the vanity top I have this mirrored dresser tray and my small collection of antique perfume and cologne bottles, or at least that's what I think they are.

For a clearer look I'll move them over near the window...

and for a closer look at the detail of the painting and embossing of each piece. From left to right: 
bristol glass dresser bottle, blue art glass perfume, milk glass cologne, cranberry glass perfume, and satin glass cologne. But here is where I need your thoughts, are the milk glass and satin glass pieces cologne bottles, barber bottles, or decanters? And any other thoughts on the other pieces are greatly appreciated too. :)

And finally, here is the after picture of the little changes in the master bath. It's not exactly how I would want it but it will do for now. What do you think, did it help detract your eye from the mirror and lights?

Thank you so much for your visit and I would love to know what you think. 
Have a wonderful week ahead!

Thank you to Cindy over at AMAZE ME MONDAY for featuring my Civil War era oil portrait at her party this week.

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  1. I think you did a good job with what you had! Much better! You'll find your mirrors and soon, I'm sure!

  2. You did such a nice job and created a really different feel. I love your idea with your hankies in the frame! Charming.

  3. I think you did a beautiful job. You have a very creative touch!


  4. I love all the little changes you added to your bath and I do think it all added to the Victorian Look. It does take your eye away from the mirror and lights. Love so many of the special pieces you added. Framed Lace is beautiful, and the bottles are really pretty. The ladies handkerchiefs are a wonderful collection. I always enjoy all you share with us.

  5. Love how you arranged the hankies in the antique frame, they remind me of a fancy collar of sorts for a dress.
    Is the piece of lace sandwiched between glass and then soldiered? I like that idea.
    You have a larger master bath than I, our home was built in 1969 and has a little powder blue tiled bathroom. Your tiled floor is something I really like.

  6. Very smart to focus on other details to draw you away from the parts you don't like. I think with the added touches and what you already have (love the rugs!) I wouldn't even notice the mirror.

  7. Yes I see little lacey sticking out from the bed LOL
    Gina you can really arrange items so pretty.
    The framed hankies are adorable,and that looks like me the gray headed old lady LOL
    I love that wreath and want one just like it.
    The bathroom is fit for a victorian queen and king
    I found you some vintage Victorian magazines,we'll see if they are ones you want.
    I don't know where Frenchie's is that you ask me about?

    Your entire house is beautiful

  8. Great idea to shop your own house! Love the wreath over the mirror... Thanks so much for coming by each week!

  9. I love what you did with your hankies! And you have a beautiful collection of perfume bottles. It is great to find new uses for things.

  10. Well done. How fun to go shopping in your own house for the perfect details!

  11. Gina, what prettiness! I love the collection of cologne bottles. Just beautiful. Do say you'll come and share at my Five Star Frou-Frou linkup at A Tray of Bliss? I'd love to have you. Much love, Mimi xxx

  12. I loved your Victorian decor, and your precious little dog, Lacey, so sweet! It is always fun to shop your house and find treasures that can be moved around, and feel like they are new again! Your bathroom looks great, and I'm sure you will find the perfect mirrors soon :) I'm your neighbor from Sandi's party :)

  13. Hi Gina,
    I think you did a wonderful job. Love the framed hankies! I have to change out my mirror and lights too. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your day.


  14. I love the hankies ... great way to save them and enjoy them. You've done a great job on the bathroom. Your perfume bottles are lovely.

  15. That brass wreath is fascinating. I don't think I have seen anything like it. What a great find. Reminds me of all of the animals Noah put on the ark.

  16. Dear Gina:I am responding to comments and links here at HyVee as we don't have internet yet hooked up. Thank you for sharing your lovely bathroom decor and special touches which I love. My hubby puts up with a lot as long as he is well fed and I think yours must also! I love it. We leave in the AM for Co and hear there is 12" of fresh snow waiting for us. Lots more work back there and then I will have you and Janice over!!

  17. You did a great job of taking the eye away from the Hollywood lights. I must say, that the sweet hankies are my favorite touch.

    Good luck finding your mirrors and thanks for Sharing Your Cup!

  18. Hi Gina,
    I do like what you've done. I also have those lights and mirrors in 3 of my bathrooms and really would love an oval mirror and pretty chandelier but hubby is not enjoying my projects so I must be patient. I do love your perfume bottles and the pretty framed hankies and corner cabinet do make your bathroom look more Victorian. It's so neat that you and Bernideen will be close now that she has moved. I hope you take a pic and put it on your blog if you do get together for a cup of tea. (Do let me know). Have a Wonderful Week Dear Gina! Karen

  19. I think you did a great job of distraction. I love the way you displayed the hankies!

  20. Love what you did with your bath room and what a clever way to display your vintage hankies. Thank you so much for joining me at Vintage Charm and hope to see you back this week. sb