Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Latest Estate Sale Finds

Hello everyone, I have some of my latest Estate Sale finds to share with you. I really am trying to practice self control when it comes to buying but sometimes I just can't help it. And plus, we do have a sale or two, or three, every week! So I don't always find Victorian stuff that I like.

I staged some vignettes on my marble top dresser with my latest jewelry finds alongside my antique jewelry casket, circa 1890's, that I got at my grandma's auction years ago.

Would you like a peek inside of the casket? Okay, but just a peek, a clam peek. :)

Okay, I'll open it all the way! Inside are just a few other antique pieces I have acquired over the years.
to the right of the casket are my stick pins in their holders,  a hatpin holder and a blue hair receiver.

Upon a closer look you'll see a hair brooch and some other assorted brooches and pieces. The ebony and gold cameo brooch was recently given to me by my 90 year old great Auntie.

For the other latest jewelry find I'll have to take you over to the parlor table where I have my antique old Paris mirrored dresser tray, circa 1860's...

filled with these sweet portrait pins, a portrait stick pin and a monogrammed locket. The pin of the man in the front is my latest find. He is hand tinted a bit, just enough to give his cheeks a rosy glow. I think the laies are jealous of those pink cheeks, what do you think?

Back over to the dresser I have some more "latest finds" vignettes for you to see. Like these hand tinted fashion plates framed in matching walnut Victorian frames, circa 1860's or 70's ($8). Back in t the day these fashion plates were found in 19th century magazines, like Godey's, Peterson's, or Gleason's magazines.

Pictured in this vignette is an 1890 German Bible, a needlepoint lace doily, a pair of spectacles, a shell handled fountain pen on an ink well with ink bottle, all circa 1890-1910, and what looks like a stack of books are actually a stack of daguerreotypes.

A look at the open Bible and the ink bottle holder,

and just look at the Indian Chief, isn't he wonderful?

And here are the daguerreotypes, these were made in the early to mid 1800's, almost obsolete by 1888 when cabinet cards/paper portraits came into vogue.

Encased in these velvet lined cases of leather or other embossed material are these wonderful portraits on  a plate. Notice the Mary Had a Little Lamb case, and on the large one an unknown statue with fruit and nuts on all 4 corners and on the back it reads "Molina Tipos Con Real Privilecio" translated to "Molina types with real privilege".  I believe that is the  name of the photographer, Rodriguez Molina 1851-1936. The inside of the case behind the plate is has Patented Oct. 14,1856 and April 21, 1857. So that is all I know about that case. And below in the back row is the lady who resides in that case. I would venture to say that she is definitely of Spanish decent. When I bought her at one of our sales a note was with it and if I recall correctly it mentioned her being a Cuban woman.
So if anyone knows anything about the monument on the case please let me know.

The man below her is my paternal 2nd great grandfather, an unknown lady with hand tinted pink cheeks and gold jewelry (she is the one in the Mary Had a Little Lamb case), and then there is the Civil War Soldier in the half case. Both he and the Cuban lady are fairly recent finds. I got both for $10 I believe.

Okay back to more finds, I have a weakness for Victorian frames, especially these oval ones from the 1850's -60's. I bought the large one recently ($2) and put an 8x10 photo of my paternal 3rd great grandmother in it since that photo was taken during that time period, well actually it's more 1863 or so, she is hand tinted also. And then there are the adorable small ones...

but this one is the one I just got for $1, the other two I got years ago. For this one I used some of my pressed pansies and a little pansy girl scrap book piece.

Speaking of scrap book, over the Summer at a post card show I bought these three early 1900's postcards of the college my son attends and a town view. It is actually the same town that my husband lived in as a small child and his ancestors were brought over in the 1850's with their slave masters and a lot of those descendants still live there and have throughout several generations.

And here is a small shelf that I bought at a flea market for $5, I put my little fairing piece on it since it was so small.

And then I got this McLoughlin Bros. advertising children's booklet and the horse shoe shaped piece is an advertising sewing needle card with the needles still on the back. Behind those is the sweetest baby quilted blanket that I have ever seen, it is not Victorian by any means but it was too sweet to pass up. I got it in a bag of stuff for $4. It has two lambs and a white bird on it.

Just look at that precious little lamb, these photos do not do it justice for it is just so cute!

Speaking of sweet little lambs, here is a shot of my daughter and our new little pup. She is just so much fun, we are really enjoying her.

Thanks so much for visiting and have a wonderful week!

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  1. Gina
    love your new fabulous victorian finds of course.My favorite is your picture of the civil war soldier
    I also like seeing your oh so sweet daughter and Lacey
    I know Lacey is very happy to have a new family that loves her

  2. Some more great treasures and I love that you know so much about the history behind them.

  3. I just loved reading all of your descriptions... you focus more on the items than I do and I really appreciated the details you pointed out. Your daughter is precious ... and so is the pup. Thanks so much for joining in with "Let's Talk Vintage!" Have a great second half of the week!

  4. Wow! You sure have some great prices in your area!

  5. Oh wow! I just love Victorian things and you have a great eye for the goods! You did a great job with this post and I enjoyed all the details you shared with us!
    I will be back! Love visiting your blog.

  6. Gina, you have so many lovely things and I enjoyed learning about them. Wonderful gift from your 90 year old Aunt. Your daughter is a real beauty, and the puppy is cute as well! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  7. What a great collection of treasures you found! I want to go shopping where you shop! I never see treasures like those but then I don't go to too many estate sales....usually too pricey around here! I love the history of what you found. The jewelry is extra special!

  8. Quite a lovely collection - I am very attracted to old photographs and love the portrait brooches!

  9. I love old photographs. The prices are so good where you are. Would like to purchase the jewelry when I go to estate sales but so expensive here . I look for time piece lockets, but never see any. Your daughter looks so pretty and sweet holding that little baby dog, great shot.
    happy monday

  10. I'm glad you didn't practice self-control with your buying! Just look at all those amazing treasures that you rescued. Your daughter is just beautiful. I'm sure your furbaby is getting all sorts of special love!

  11. Who can resist such treasures? And your daughter is lovely.

  12. Wow !! Some beautiful collections there! So many neat and interesting things! Learned alot from this post.....thanx for sharing!! I just love the old photos!

  13. Oh, not only do you find the best treasure, but at the best prices, too!!!
    Love the photos and gorgeous vintage jewels. I loved every find!

  14. Oh, not only do you find the best treasure, but at the best prices, too!!!
    Love the photos and gorgeous vintage jewels. I loved every find!

  15. Oops. What I typing vanished. Not sure it went to you or not. WIll try again. Thank you for telling me about this mansion. Visited the sight and think it's gorgeous! Prettier on the inside than the Lebold Mansion. Thanks for visiting me. Blessings,