Saturday, July 11, 2015

Historic Small Town Charm, Part 2

Last week I shared with you a charming historic river town, a few of its buildings and its wonderful historic cemetery. Well this week it gets even better! I'm going to share with you some of the historic cottages, B & B's and gardens that this tiny town has to offer. So sit back and enjoy the tour, it's a long one!

These are the first houses you see as you enter into the town from the river bridge.

I'll start with some of the larger houses and go from there. 
This Queen Ann is a B & B and I like it not only for its beauty but for its name. 
My daughter's name is Lydia.

The paint colors are so nice and just look at that wrap around front porch!

And to the left sits this blue beauty...

with its second story balcony!

Back over on the other side of the Queen Ann house... 

sits this brick beauty with a little touch of Eastlake influence.
I believe it is a B & B as well. 
Just look at the wonderful iron fencing around the yard...

and its two story balcony! Again, love the colors!

Isn't it just gorgeous!

Over on its left across the street, once you look beyond more gorgeous iron fencing, is this brick Antebellum looking house, reminds me of Richard's house at My Old Historic Home blog.

It is part of a tour but I did not get in on it, I was running out of time,

although the iron gate was open, inviting me to come in...

maybe next time.

To the left of it is this open air house, 
I don't know what is going on with it but thought I would show you 
just for entertainment purposes.

This is a neighboring house where the vines are kind of taking over,
But I still liked it.

Moving on around the town are more historic Inn's like this one,
with the fun looking fire pit on the corner, close to the river bridge. 
Somebody bring out the graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate!
Let's have s'mores!

This house below is quite lovely but is used as an office I believe.
More iron fencing!

Moving on down the street are more big beautiful houses...

This brick beauty is the Klinger Mansion and is a B & B.
Just look at the beautiful iron gate and wonderful entryway.

Next to it is this charming cottage B & B,

but where is the cottage?
You can see a glimpse of the roof from this next entryway
with the wonderful stone steps,

The cottage garden looks very luscious from the outside of the picket fence,
the storks way up in their nest have a wonderful view of inside the cottage garden!

Next door is another brick beauty...

with a glorious front porch

and even a little side porch!
Wonderful paint colors too.

Next to it is this cute little brick house
with marvelous fretwork and corbels.

Looking right across the street is yet another brick beauty,
it is located right next to an antique shop and 
Fire House collection museum.

Here is a sweet little brick cottage for you to admire...

with the "oh so sweetest" tiny front porch
and pretty landscaping

as you can see from the sign
it is a B & B
and named Cat Nap Inn.

This is the view going along the side of the cottage

that leads to this cute little outbuilding
or potting shed  maybe

and a wonderful little backyard

with a firepit area for the guests to enjoy!
Isn't it wonderful?

Okay on to the next little cottage

and this one is even for sale!

Traveling on around the town
you'll pass lots of gardens

and this restored historic stable

before getting back to First Street that runs along the river.
Once there you'll find the historic White House Hotel,
this is the front entrance that faces the river.

The saloon is the door on the left,
it reads...
Ladies Please Use Main Doors

The hotel has been recently restored.
You can stay here for the night 
or just take a tour of the hotel
They do reenactments and ghost tours in October too!

This is the back view of the hotel
 that backs up to First Street,
along with the front entrances to the other businesses.
Seems a little backwards
but it needed to face the river for the weary river boat travelers passing through
to know it was a place to stay for the night.

The back view with the nice looking street lamp posts and picket fence.

Moving on up the street are more cottages and gardens.

There's this one with the cute window flower boxes and brick sidewalk.

This one has a pretty little porch

a darling lamp post and arbor trellis leading up to the front door,

and a clawfoot bathtub in the front yard!

I am not sure if these two building are adjoining or just REALLY close,
but the one on the right is the antique shop that I showed you up close in my last post
and the building on the right is a residence

with an incredible garden to the side.

and charming window flower boxes gracing the front of it.

Over to the side, the ivy and climbing roses come together

to form the archway to this path through the garden

that leads to the front door of this cottage.

And lastly,
I wanted to share with you this simple brick cottage
painted yellow

with this tiny adorable white front porch.

And we are back to the river bridge and where we started from.

Thanks so much for joining me for Part 2 of my
Historic Small Town Charm posts.
I hope you enjoyed the charm of this small German river town.

I want to thank Jillian over at LET'S TALK VINTAGE for featuring my July 4th Liberty Blue table setting.

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  1. Looks like a lovely little town!

  2. What a beautiful little town....thanks for sharing it with us!

  3. I'm glad I came along for the tour - a lovely place.

  4. Wow-----beautiful photos that seem to take one back to the year 1900. You've captured a moment in time.

  5. Thanks for all the great photos of the sweet and lovely homes, Gina. Is it Missouri? Susan

  6. Wow you spent some time putting this post together - I thoroughly enjoyed it!
    Those old iron fences remind me of some on old historic Church hill of Richmond. Such fine craftsmanship here. I think my most favorite out of all and I do like all of them is the cat nap inn. Looks like cellar doors on the streetside.
    I noticed so many have the solid rock or stone steps, must have pulled them from the river and shaped?
    Such pretty window boxes on some with vines too.
    I looked up the cat nap inn and see amtrak takes one right there, hmm - might have to be a destination for me and my husband sometime.
    Thank you for such a wonderful historical tour!
    Happy Sunday
    P.S. Lydia is such a beautiful name!

  7. Montreal is loaded with those iron fences - I just love them
    And that blue " beauty " oh my gosh - simple perfection - my dream house -
    Wouldn't you love to be able to go inside???
    Thanks so much for sharing !

  8. Gina,
    What a charming little town indeed, thanks for sharing!

  9. That is my kind of town! I should live there as it just speaks to my soul! Thanks for sharing it. Great photos!

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    those are wonderful pictures
    I wish you could get you a Victorian home
    you would have it so so cute
    I can just see you giving tours of your lovely Victorian home

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  15. Gina,
    Thanks so much for taking us along on this amazing tour of such a charming place filled with beautiful homes from a bygone era! Simply stunning!
    I honestly have not been stalking you today, just catching up...I started my part time schedule today and will be off for a few days after tonight. I am so excited that I will have more time to visit..