Sunday, July 5, 2015

Historic Small Town Charm, an Estate Sale and a Cemetery

Just across the Missouri River bridge 

lies the tiny German town of Hermann, Missouri.

Hermann was designated, in 1842, as the county seat of Gasconade County.

This magnificent Courthouse sits up on the river bluffs and
is the first thing you notice upon crossing the bridge.

Although Hermann has a population of only 2,431
it attracts hundreds of tourist each year to their many Wineries
Below you'll see the Cottages for one of the Wineries which is 
located just a few blocks away.

Notice the Estate Sale sign, I was in Hermann for a week setting up a sale.
I'll tell you about that later.

The below building is diagonally across the street from the cottages
and is part of the same business.
I just adore the mansard style roof with the crest.

This historic town also boasts of Antique Shops
although this one was closed.
And on a Friday?!

This one was open! It is a small mall,
with adjoining businesses all in historic buildings,

and more businesses in historic buildings throughout the charming little town.

Just look at the fretwork and galley rail on this one!

Across the street is the Historic German School, it was built in 1871 and is now a museum with a wonderful array of collections and treasures from Hermann's past.

And check out this City Hall and Fire Department!
Isn't is wonderful?

I am not sure about the identity of this historic building but sits right next to the river bridge and right before the Courthouse. Quite charming in size.

Okay, earlier in this post I mentioned our estate sale sign in the one photo and told you I would tell you about that. So here goes, we had a sale here in this wonderful little town and I even got to spend the night here in this wonderful little town. It was not a stay at one of the many charming historic
B & B's though but it was still a nice stay in a sweet little house built back in the 50's or so.

It was located at the edge of a cliff, and although it was not, I felt like it was at the edge of a lake. It even looked like water down there but was not. This is the view from the driveway and little front porch area.

It was a fun vintage sale to work. The main level was full of fun stuff and the 2 car garage around back was packed with any and every kind of tool imaginable.

And off to the side was this little outbuilding

with lots of treasures to be uncovered around to the front of it...

Back in the garage, these are the steps that take you up to the main level...

and what is funny is that tucked back in the left hand corner of this garage is this...

a little shower area! The grown children told us that when they were growing up their mother made their father take a shower when he came home from work all dirty, before he could come upstairs into the well kept clean house!! Isn't that cute?! Poor man! But there was a wood stove nearby for the winter months!

Also in the garage is this tiny cellar like pantry closet...

packed with lots of jars and bottles. It was rather small in there and NOT my favorite place to be!

That is it for the sale but I want to show you  a little more of the town. This is the street that I took to and from the house everyday. (This is the view when I am leaving the house.)

And to the left of this street is this beautiful historic cemetery

this angel actually kneels from way up high on this stone

overlooking this draped and tasseled stone

and below that is this family plot, stairs and all...

with this beautiful lady guarding over it, day after day, year after year.

Speaking of family plots, look at this one with the beautiful iron fencing. Just beautiful!

As with any old cemetery, there were lots of iron fencing.

And a lot more pretty details for the eye to behold,

and mine did just that!

Sorry this was such a long one, I do hope you will join me next week as I take you back down into the town

and show you some of the charming historic cottages, homes, B & B's and gardens of this town. Hope to see you then! Thanks so much for visiting and have a blessed week!

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  1. We love Hermann. We passed through there yesterday. We took the long way around to the lake and as always enjoyed the drive. We stayed at the Hermannhof Inn last Fall. Our lodging was in the lower level of the hillside cottage you can see through the gates in your photo. That was our first time staying in Hermann, although we've visited many times. J worked that area, right up to the bridge over the Missouri outside Hermann, during the years he worked for the electric cooperative as a lineman. Thanks so much for taking us to Hermann! Wonderful post.

    1. Hi Pat,
      I'm so glad you left me a comment, I was trying to comment on your post where you showed Hermann and the Bagnell dam and I could not leave a message, it said I needed a valid url, so I'm not sure what that means. I did enjoy seeing your post and those familiar sights. Yum for Central Dairy in JC!
      Have a great week,

  2. Hermann is one of my favorite Missouri towns. Love the history and the fact that the "modern" town doesn't encroach on the historic part!

  3. I use to go to the Herman fest every year and stuff myself with bratwurst and kraut.
    I am very familiar with all those antique shops however never seen the old historic cemetery before .

  4. What a pretty town. Time stood still.

  5. Such interesting adventures. That estate sale would have perfect for my husband. Love all the charm of that town.

  6. Hi Gina,
    What a quaint and lovely little town. How I wish I could visit those antique stores. So sorry they were closed when you were there. Have a Wonderful Week Dear Friend! Karen

  7. What a charming little town!
    Also wanted to let you know you won my giveaway -- please email me with your address. Congratulations Gina!
    (my email address can be found in the contact button on my blog)

  8. WOW- it sure is neat to have taken this tour with you, gina!

    A big congrats on your winning Deborah's giveaway from A Beautiful Matters blog!

  9. Hi Gina! What a wonderful place! You found a very cool place. I've always had a fascination for cemetery stones since I was a kid and we visited the cemeteries on a regular basis to decorate graves of loved ones.

    Thanks for sharing such a great village with us!

    Blessings, Edie Marie

  10. Talk about charm in spades - I just LOVE the color of that first shop - the blue one !
    And loved reading the story about the husband who had to take a shower before coming into the upstairs LMHO ( it's something I'd probably do and not get away with LOL )
    Thanks so much for the tour - I thoroughly enjoyed walking around with you :)

  11. Ah the craftsmanship that went into the building of structures then. The cemetery reminds me of a cemetery in Schweinfurt Germany I saw when I visited my daughter there , the way it sits high on a hill with the view of the village below. The Guesthaus with the brickwork and tile roof with iron. Can't help but say "they just don't make'm like that anymore."
    I enjoyed this tour as I do all of your tours to some neat places you visit.
    The cemetery tour with the beautiful headstone, what works of art!

  12. Hi Gina! I really enjoyed going on your adventure with you! Lovely little town :)

  13. Gina, this little town is just wonderful! Hubby and I love places like this. Quaint, but with lots of history. The cemetery is amazing! The stories it could tell. The sale sounded fun. Wish I could have attended! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  14. So enjoyed the tour!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  15. WHOOPS. Just found the answer to my question on today's blog (Sunday.) Missouri. Great photos, Gina. Loved them. Susan

  16. thanks for sharing, i've never heard of this spot.

  17. What an amazing little town. So many German families moved to this area. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!