Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Victorian Homes Christmas Issue

I am so excited! I got my Victorian Homes Christmas Issue today in the mail and guess what?! 

The photo of my Victorian feather tree that I sent in was featured in their "Deck the Halls...Readers yuletide greetings showcase" article.

(It's the tree on the bottom right hand side.)

This is the photo I sent in, as you can tell they cropped it and made it smaller. But hey, being in there small is better then not being in there at all, right?

Some close ups...

and one lit up at night.

I've heard of Christmas in July, but October
Well don't worry,
 I'll be back to Fall for my next post.
Thanks so much for your visit! 


  1. OMG Gina! I'm jumping up and down and clapping for you!! How exciting!!
    I thought I was doing good having Claudia Strasser (of The Paris Apartment) pin a picture of my closet lol! Speaking of pinning...I'm going to pin a picture of your feather tree because it's definitely magazine worthy! *winks* Vanna

  2. What a precious tree! Beautiful! And how exciting to be in this magazine! Yeah!!!

  3. GINA!!!!!!

    CONGRATS!! I am so happy and proud of you , my friend!!
    I will send Joe out tomorrow to look for the issue.....

    How wonderful!!

    Many Hugs,

  4. Congratulations! I can see why it's published, it is Beautiful! I will get a copy.
    I am excited for you and love the way you decorated it. I want a feather tree just like it.

  5. Beautiful feather tree.
    Can you tell your readers a bit about it?
    I have one as well and hope to put up a photo in one of my Christmas articles.
    Thanks and congratulations!

  6. What wonderful news, Gina! Your tree is lovely and an exciting tribute to have it featured in the magazine. Do you keep the tree up all year or do you put it out only for the Christmas season?