Monday, September 17, 2012

The Victorian Dolls

Hello everyone! I would like for you to meet Ruth...

Ruth is an antique china doll from the Victorian era. I got her at an antique shop almost 10 years ago. I know this is her name because it has it on her shoulder part. Ruth is an only child (doll) and stays here in this buggy which has been kept in my daughter's bedroom. But this year Lydia (my dau) decided she was too old for dolls and Ruth and the buggy had to go into hiding in Lydia's closet. Awww...poor thing!
But lucky for Ruth she is now out and enjoying her 3 new (old) sisters. You might be thinking how that came to be, well let me tell you! 
This weekend I went to an antique auction and adopted them! 
So let me introduce you to them.

L to R: Charlotte, Lora and Lydia. Aren't they pretty?! I love their apple cheeks! 
Ruth, the previous owner, was 95 years old and was a serious doll collector. She literally had HUNDREDS of dolls and they were all up for sale at this auction and she had them all labeled by name and date. So Charlotte and Lora were labeled with a name but Lydia was not (in the cream dress), so my Lydia wanted this one named after her. (I hope this means we can keep them out in her room now and not in the closet!)
Below is a photo of the back of these dolls and you can see the labels I was talking about. They are all 3 dated 1860. Charlotte's black head paint is really worn but I like that, it shows me that she has had a lot of loving through the years!

The previous owner (Ruth) made all of the dolls clothes. She did such a good job. Her niece  told me that Ruth never had children so these dolls must have taken their place I believe. Check out the bustle on this one...

I know this isn't very lady like of me to take a photo of their unmentionables but I wanted you to see how fancy they are.  And the shoes! My favorite are those brown button up boots! Pretty snazzy!

Speaking of button up boots, look at Ruth's! Even though one is broken I still think they are cute. 

Now, one more time! You get Charlotte...

and Lora and Lydia... 

and put them with Ruth and you have a buggy full of girls!! Aren't they cute?! 

They are sure to have a fun time together, don't you think?
Oh! I almost forgot! I have to tell you something funny! I was out, yes-on the front porch again!, taking these photos and on my camera popped up "Did someone blink?" Now is that a hoot or what? The camera thought the dolls were people! 

Sorry for showing so many doll photos, I'm just so excited. I do hope you enjoyed it though.
Have a great week and thankyou so much for visiting!  


  1. Your dollies are precious! I can see why are you elated to add the three newest ladies to your collection. What at wonderful thing that the previous owner labeled them! You almost never find that. They certainly look like they are enjoying their outing on the porch!

  2. Oh my goodness! They are wonderful! You're so lucky to have found them in such great condition! Congrats on the new girls *winks* Vanna

  3. Wow, they are exquisite~ their arms and legs are in such great condition,.. they display so nicely too, no matter how, in a wagon, on a chair, anywhere~!

  4. You are fortunate to have found them. They meant a lot to someone who kept them in such great condition. I bet it felt a little eerie almost when the camera thought someone blinked. I think thats neat.
    Happy Tuesday

  5. Honestly as dolls figurines lover and collector (mine is quite different) I am getting seriously envious with such wonderful doll collection :))

    I loved and enjoyed your today's post!

    Thank you for sharing!


  6. Ciao,vengo dal blog di Nurda!Che belle bambole,adoro il vittoriano!Ti seguirò!Rosetta

  7. Dear Gina,

    In my today's post, I put a few blogs's links including yours, and I saw Rosetta has became your follower :) Your blog may get some other hits from other bloggers too!I did it without permission - sorry if I did wrong!
    All the best!

  8. Beautiful dolls. I love any vintage doll. I have a small collection of ones like yours but I think mine was cast from molds from a dollshop. I made bodies and clothes for them. Take care, Darlene

  9. Gina, what a wonderful collection of antique dolls! They look lovely displayed in that carriage with the umbrella to shade them. Sounds like your daughter is becoming a collector -- nothing like having a doll named after you! How fortunate the prior owner documented their history.


  10. Gina,
    The dolls are just stunning!! I have a similar buggy!!


  11. Hi Gina, I like your dolls, but Kevin shows no interest! Imagine that! Very fun post, Gina.

  12. Gina I'm thrilled that I could teach YOU something about a Victorian piece! *winks* I'm so happy to be back...thanks! Vanna

  13. Oh my goodness! They are BEAUTIFUL! I find it comforting to know that I am not the only one who looks at my dolls like they are little people. I just love the clothing on those too! I have been trying to make a dress for one of my dolls, but it has been quite a daunting task.

    Don't they all just seem to be having fun? (That's me personifying dolls again!)