Saturday, August 11, 2012

Garden Party!

Welcome to my garden party!  It is a beautiful day here in Mid Missouri so I thought we could enjoy a little refreshment on the front porch and then head on back to the garden and admire some blooms! So won't you please join me?

I have to offer you a strawberry beverage or water with lemon. Chocolates and strawberries.

Please, help yourself...

I emptied the contents of the below pitcher so you could see the detail on it. It was made by the Indiana Tumbler and Goblet Co. around 1900. The pattern is called "Teardrop and Tassel" and it is pressed glass.
I just love the pattern, I think it is so pretty. I wish I had the tumblers to go with it...

Okay, let's head on around back to the garden now. When we bought the house there were no flower gardens or trees or bushes back here. It was very boring so I decided to change that. I am kind of an impatient person and want everything done right now so within a couple of weeks I had the grass dug out, the bricks laid, the arbor put in place and my perennials transplanted. I moved the bricks (they are old ones), rocks, arbor and several of the flowers/plants from our previous house. Just couldn't leave them behind!

Blooms are so beautiful and rewarding, aren't they? One can never get tired of looking at them.

I thank God for His beautiful creation and for my eyes that I may see it...

Because of pesty deer and rabbits and now Japanese beatles, it is very difficult to have a variety and abundance of flowers. After a while you realize what they like and don't like and go with more of what they don't like. If that makes any sense! lol

And now...introducing the beautiful Kathryn Rose!  Isn't she pretty?!

Below, nestled between my crepe myrtle bushes is my gazing ball. In the days of old, the ball was referred to as a Witch Ball, Butler Globe, Globe of Happiness and the Victorian Ball. It's roots go back to the 13th century where they were made by skilled Italian craftsmen. A 15th century priest called the ball a Sphere of Light and as time passed, the colorful ball became a permanent fixture in the European garden and home. King Ludwig ll, King of Bavaria during the 1800's, adorned his palace, a replica of Versailles, with the globe. As with most things of old, legends formed about the mysterious powers of the ball. A globe was said to bring happiness, good luck and prosperity to those who owned it. The globe was known to ward off evil spirits, misfortune, illness and witches! (And no, that's not why I have one! *winks*)

The below scene is a constant reminder to me that Jesus is my Shepard...
                                    (Ignore the dead grass! Oh, that drought, how dreadful!)

After weeks of waiting for a bloom right here, above the toadstools, it finally happened! And here's the long awaited photo!

Of all my iris' this is my favorite one. The photo is a little bright though, so the purple doesn't look as deep of a purple as it really is.

Well that is it for my "flower show"! But if you haven't noticed, I kind of cheated! As you know, not all these flowers bloom at the same time. Wouldn't it be nice if they did?! Thanks for visiting and have a beautiful day!

I am joining Cindy at AMAZE ME MONDAY, please come  and check out all the fun.


  1. Such beauty. I love holly hawks, Mom always had them in the garden, seemed like the only thing that we could depend on every summer for bloom. Why they won't grow or bloom for me, I will have to find out. Your clematis is so pretty trailing on the arbor. I love seeing other peoples gardens and yours is so pretty, the brick sidewalk is great!

  2. What a lovely garden party! Makes me wish I could join you. The flowers are so pretty, especially that clematis. I'm glad this terrible drought hasn't taken a toll on it. Thanks for inviting us along on your garden tour.

  3. Your flowers are just lovely, Gina. I also love your pressed glass pitcher, so pretty. What a lovely tea you are having. Those strawberries look scrumptious....Christine

  4. Gina,
    I love your garden! Your garden ornaments are lovely amidst all of your beautiful blooms!
    I also love your little sitting area. Love that furniture!!

  5. Gina, you have quite a green thumb. Love the arbor filled with lushly climbing clematis. I certainly do read the little tags that explain the characteristics of the plant. If they say deer and rabbit resistant, they are coming home with me! Deer are not a problem in my neighborhood but those bunnies certainly are hungry! What a lovely garden spot for enjoying that cool beverage.


  6. Gina, you have a beautiful garden! Love your little garden setting too with the wonderful beverage waiting to enjoy.
    You had asked me how I ended up living on the Island....When I was a little girl, the company which my father worked for went under so he came here to the Island to work. After some time he brought the family over. We spent so much time back home in NB that the Island never felt like home to me until years later. After hubby and I were married we lived back in NB for a while. Then he was transferred here and we've been here ever since. It feels like home to me now. All my children were born here.
    It is a beautiful place to live! Have a delightful day!


  7. Geeze Gina I don't know how I missed this??! Your Kathryn Rose is just like mine! And your garden looks beautiful! Where did you find her?

    About the lustres, I have a few with the bottoms open also. They can definitely be old and open. I'd love to see the set you found! Vanna

  8. Beautiful Blooms!! And love the beautiful setting on your front porch!! All so pretty, Gina!!


  9. Gorgeous blooms! I especially love your clematis and hollyhocks.
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  10. Gina, your blooms are gorgeous, and yes, wouldn't it be nice if they all bloomed all the time! Thanks for inviting us to share your garden party.