Saturday, May 19, 2012

We're Going to an Auction!

We are going to an auction today so grab your sun hats/straw hats, hop in the car and let's head out to the country! I'm so excited you decided to join me. The auction is in Glasgow, Missouri. About 40 miles away. So off we go...

Our travels take us through the very scenic Howard County. So many beautiful things to catch your eye. Here is one of the many barn quilts of Mid Missouri. It is the Electric Fan Pattern. The barn quilts are large, colorful blocks that are designed, painted, and then hung on the front of the barn.  The mission of the Barn Quilts of the Boonslick Region is to promote and celebrate the unique agricultural experience of the region through the visual combination of barns...vital to the economic well being of the rural community...and the comfort of homemade quilts that provided warmth, beauty and an outlet for individual artistic expression.
Visit for more photos.

Here is a neat brick farm silo.

We are entering the historic town of Glasgow, population 1,263. Not the prettiest scene. But...

As we head out of town to the auction site here is a charming little Victorian. I liked the fancy trim and front porch. Check out the underground garage. That would make a great storm shelter, huh?

3 more miles to go from here. Isn't the country side pretty? So hilly.

We're here! We're here! Are you excited? I am!

Hurry, let's see what we can find!

There were a few things I was interested in if the price was right. I had my eye on a  silver plated pickle caster is was so neat and so detailed, it had an owl and Japanese fan on the top and a butterfly on the jar lid. It went for $225...too much for me!
A small silver plated epergne with a small chip on the rim of the glass vase went for $50...too much for me!
There were an adorable pair of Tufts cherub napkin rings and they went for $80 each...too much for me! Especially when I already have several figural napkin rings.
And then there was a box of antique Victorian metal mini dollhouse furniture, it was SO neat but it went for $250! Way too much for me!
The porcelain dolls to go with the furniture went for $50, and most of their heads were broken off, so I didn't get those EITHER!! I didn't get anything! Oh well, let's leave and check out some more countryside.
Here we are back in Glasgow again!

This little town sits on a hill overlooking the Missouri River.

Sitting on the corner in this beautiful historic building is the town's bank.

Going up the street we see more beautiful buildings!
Look at that half turret!

Here is an interior view of one of the buildings. Look at that chandelier!

Okay, saving the best for last!!! As we head out of Glasgow I want to show you the grandest house in town!  And it's even for sale! They are asking $399,000. was built in 1875, it is 10,000 sq. feet, has 29 rooms and was built by James S. Thompson, a descendant of Pocahontas. Cool, huh? I don't think my hubby would go for moving to such a small town though! :-(
This is just one of the MANY antebellum and Victorian houses that are in Glasgow.

On our way back we go through another small town called Fayette, population almost 3,000 and it too has many antebellum and Victorian homes. This town is where my husband's ancestor's were brought over from Virginia and Kentucky with their slave masters in the early to mid 1800's. They resided here in Fayette for the rest of their lives and many descendants are still living here.
Below is the Howard County Courthouse. Isn't it gorgeous?! I've spent many an hour here looking over records on these ancestors. I put together two surname books for him and his siblings and our children so that they would know and could be proud of their heritage and know that these ancestors of theirs were survivors, survivors in every way.

This is the old Howard County Jail. Several years ago it went up for sale and sold on Ebay for $42,000, a Los Angeles lawyer bought it and renovated it into a country getaway. Until 1989, the jail doubled as a home to the county sheriff and his family, with a separate living quarters including a full kitchen and fireplace. The sheriff's wife even cooked meals for prisoners. The new jail is just off to the right side of the house!

Here is my favorite antique shop in Fayette. It is called Rosewood Antiques. The owners are sisters and I just love going in there to visit with them, they are so nice!
So let's go in.

This is the front of the shop...

 and this is the back of the shop.

After leaving town, several miles down the road is this country Church...

and this old cemetery is just across the road. I like the stairs going up to the cemetery and that beautiful iron fence. They usually keep it mowed, but I guess they haven't gotten around to it yet.

Well our trip is now over, time for us to part. Thankyou again for coming along, I hope you enjoyed your day in the country!


  1. what a trip, loved it. The Victorian with the garage underneath is something I haven't seen before.
    Thank you for sharing, very interesting. So neat you got to get info on your husbands ancestors to pass to your children. Loved the post

  2. I had such fun reading your post, Gina! It was the next best thing to actually going to all these fun places with you! What a fun day you had. I do love those barn quilts. That brick barn was absolutely charming. It looks like there were some interesting things at the auction but boy, did they go for a lot! I can see why you didn't want to spend those prices. I especially loved the dolls and dollhouse furniture. And it was such fun to see all the neat historical homes in Glasgow. I would love to see what they look like inside, too. Thanks again for the great tour!

  3. Thanks for the trip Gina.... I had such a lovely time peeking into the markets and shops... Love those old ceilings and chandeleirs... AND ..I didn't spend a thing ( ha Ha) ... What Fun !!!!!... Please do come and visit me again at the " Grand Lady " ... There 's always a cup of tea waiting for you !!!...HUGS

  4. Hello Gina,
    It's always a pleasure to meet people with an appreciation for the past. In your case, it's more like a passion - love it. Very much enjoyed your first few posts and looking forward to catching up.
    I also love going to auctions and antique flea markets, but I wish I had more time and money to do so. Thank you for sharing your day.