Thursday, May 17, 2012

In My Lady's Chamber

Hello my blogger friends! So glad you came back to take a tour of the upstairs rooms. We will start out with the master bedroom, I am calling it my "chamber" and I guess I am the "my lady". He! He! Trying to sound a little fancy. BUT... my hubby does not have his own chamber, we share this one. Aren't I nice? So I guess I should just call it our bedchamber and forget the lady part. ;-)

So, with that said...let's head on up!

Okay, let's stop here so I can point out my little sweeties! The lighting in my daughter's photo isn't very bright though. They are now 12 and 15. I don't know about you mom's out there but for me those early years were just so very precious. If I could go back to any age, I think it would have to be ages 4 and 1. But don't get me wrong, I have, and always will, love them at every age.

As we enter the bedchamber the "bedstead" is the first thing you see. I bought this bed at a country antique estate auction back when my son was only 3. So I have had it for a while. It came out of a two story white farmhouse, my Dad used to farm for that family a long time ago.  This bed is full size and is actually a wee bit too small for my hubby, but he NEVER complains, so I try not to complain every morning when I have to tuck the sheets back in at the footboard. He is so patient with me and my Victorian desires!

Here is a close up of the comforter. I got it from a friend's garage sale, my friend who taught me how to needlepoint. I really like the pattern on it and the colors. It is a Ralph Lauren comforter.

Below is Livy Dog's favorite corner in the house. She loves that chair. I got the chair at an auction and I know the green looks a little horrid BUT it matches the green in the comforter. And, remember, I'm NOT getting any more chairs reupholstered! (If you don't know the story check out my Step Into the Parlor post to find out.) The little oval picture is my husband's mother, Grace, taken back in the 50's. It is one of the few photos we have of her. She passed away when he was only 9 years old. 

Awww...isn't she sweet?

Here is a close up of my framed antique fan. Ignore the strange reflection. It is much prettier in person, it has some pretty sparkly stuff on the flower centers that doesn't show in the photo.

Let's move over to the other side of the bed. The parlor table is another auction find, when I bought it only had the wood top. So several years later at another auction I found the antique piece of marble that luckily fit it! The dressing screen came from another auction in Boonville. After stripping off three layers of paint I finally found the oak! The lamp is a reproduction but the handpainted pansies milk glass shade is an antique. 
The framed picture above the table is a hand drawn picture of the Garth Woodside Mansion in Hannibal, Missouri. We stayed there for a mini honeymoon 17 years ago. It is so beautiful!

Here is a real photo of the mansion... 
Here is their website if you want to see some interior photos. Sameul Clemens (Mark Twain) actually slept here.

Here I am as a new bride in our gorgeous "bedchamber". Is that bed to die for or what?! At that time I did not have any antique furniture so it was such a treat for me to be able to stay at a Victorian B and B. 

Okay, back to my bedroom. Next to the lamp is an etched  ruby bohemian glass carafe. I'm not sure of the age of it though.

Moving on around is my antique dresser. Another auction find. I bought it out of an old house in historic Boonville, Mo. and after the dresser photos I will show you a photo of the house. Ignore the little white spot in the photo, I really don't have any ghosts or anything like that. lol

Here are the dresser vignettes...
I will do a separate post on those items later on.

This is the detail of the pulls on the dresser. I had never seen any like them before. Usually it's the fruit and nut pulls that you see on dressers. It looks like some sort of bluebell but it has more of a twiggy vine look to it. So I don't know. What do you guys think?

Okay, here is the house the dresser came out of.  It was built in 1910 and is on the National Historic Register. There were many beautiful Victorian pieces at this auction. I wish I could have bought more. 

And here is my wardrobe that I got a great deal on at an auction here in town. So, lucky for hubby, he didn't even have to leave town to pick up this piece! And lucky for me because he is never happy with me when he gets that phone call saying I bought something else and come pick it up! Especially when it is out of town!
The lovely TV is there to make hubby happy, so just pretend it isn't even there. Even though I am watching Little House on the Prairie.

Another view of the wardrobe and my antique dress form with antique Victorian clothing on it. I made the hat myself for hat day at school.

 And here I am wearing it. I believe it was for a Halloween party. I was a Victorian lady in mourning (even though I am smiling). You can't really tell by the photo but there is a blackbird on the right side and then some black roses and black lace ruffle. If I would have had a wart on my nose and a tooth sticking out I could have been Nannie McPhee! Have you seen that movie? It's really good!

Well we are to the end now. Thankyou so much for visiting and I do hope you get a good night's sleep and may your dreams be ever so sweet tonight. Goodnight my friends.

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  1. You have a beautiful bed chamber. Love everything about your room. I like how you framed cherished family photos in the oval frames. Love the childrens photos, so cute!
    I really love looking at your decorating ideas and how you pull it all together. I am feeling the motivation.
    Thank you for sharing your lovely home

  2. Dear Gina ... You bed Chamber is lovely and what wonderful treasure you have found for you home... Don't you just love shopping for those charming old vintage pieces... Lucky you, to live where there are are so many wonderful auctions waiting to be discovered. You 've decorated beautifully..It's very romantic and comfortable.....I so enjoy the tour and will visit again soon... I'm your newest follower... Thanks for join me at the " Grand Lady " ..... Hugs

  3. That was a very nice visit to your ladies chamber. Thank you for inviting me my dear.