Friday, March 30, 2012

The Epergne Project

Hello my friends! What a sunny beautiful day it is here in Mid-Missouri! I thought we would take a break from the house tour this week so I can show you one of my latest projects. It's so exciting to come up with something new, isn't it?

Okay, this is how it all started...
Vanna, at delusions of grandeur, told me I needed to visit her friend Kim on her blog, which is called Moonlight Dreams. Well I did and Oh My GOODNESS! I made a wonderful discovery by checking out her blog! I have this metal cherub with butterfly wings figure that I really like, but I never knew what it was! I knew there was more to it once upon a time because of the broken piece at the end of her arms. So let me show you the before photo of this little gal!

Don't you love the detail on the base?
And below is Kim's collection at ...
It can be found on her Fri. March 2 blog, A Tale of Antique Love. Aren't they glorious?!!! I'm almost embarrassed to show you mine now.Mine are no where as grand as her beautiful pieces, but hey I try! :-)
(Kim, I hope it is okay that I show your photo on my posting. If it is not, just let me know and I will remove it. Thanks.)

So this is what I came up with. Very inexpensively too! Yay! Here is how it happened. On St. Pat's weekend a local antique mall was having their anniversary sale so when you went in they told you of the games they had going on for this anniversary event. They had hidden shiny green coins and a little pot of gold  in the mall so if you found a coin you got $5 and if you found the pot of gold you got $10 off of any purchase. WELL...between my mom and I we found 2 coins and the pot of gold!! I was so excited! And I can be a cheapo, so I was trying not to spend much over the $15 that I had won. (you could only use one coin with the pot of gold on one purchase which came up to $15) Well, low and behold, I saw this cute little cranberry piece and thought that it might work on my cherub. AND it was $15! Perfect! Oh, I forgot to mention that I only paid $7 for the cherub to start out with. 
So I brought it home and had to get creative in figuring out how I was going to attach it to the cherub. Around here, if all else fails, get out the craft box! And in that box I found a little brass colored bell (that I painted brown to match) and when you turned it upside down it fit perfectly into the broken place on the cherub and the cranberry piece set nicely on top of it. So, with a little glue, brown spackling (to fill in the bell) and sticky dots I got her done! Here she is...Miss America! lol

So there she stands on the parlor table, feeling a little proud, and holding up her little piece of cranberry glass! I think it gives her cheeks a little "rosy" glow! Don't ya think? ;-)
I'm not sure if originally she had a little brides bowl on her or more of a cone/cornucopia piece on her. Does anyone have any thoughts on that? Well, thanks for coming along on my "Wanna be a Victorian Epergne" adventure. I hope you enjoyed it. Have a great day!


  1. Gina: How clever you are!! That is so beautiful!! I think you are right and that is what it was meant to be. I love it. I have a carnival glass bowl that the stem is broken off. I will keep my eyes open for a darling little cherub.lHappy Friday..Judy

  2. Be careful, cherubs and things are addicting. Love it all. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  3. Second time around. Thanks for stopping by and seeing my big silver epergne full of the Victorian Glass Easter Eggs. Happy Easter. Richard from My Old Historic House.